ORE (One Remote Event)

One Remote Event

What is it?

One Remote Event is a easy to use module to make remote events more versatile.

Note: You should be familiar with Remotes before purchasing

Why should you use it?

It is a versatile module with lots of features soon to be added, but I need suggestions!

What does it do?

The following functions come with the package:

module.FireAllClients(key, parameters)
module.FireClient(player, key, parameters
module.FireServer(key, parameters)
module.ClientConnect(RequestedKey, Function)
module.ServerConnect(RequestedKey, Function)

The first 3 functions work as you would expect them to, except the “key” parameter, the key parameter is basically what makes you and the module only need one remote, whatever you type in there is what the connection will receive.
The next 2 in line are the connections, when they receive a remote event and the key is the one you specified, then it will go ahead with the function.

Will I get future updates?

You will always get the latest update automatically if you buy tier 2+
Beta testers get preview builds (If applicable)
I am about to send another wave of updates, so stay tuned.

Tier 5 Package

  • Custom Features (User Request)
  • Beta Test
  • All perks included in packages below
  • Other Perks Negotiable
  • Price: Free

Tier 4 Package

  • Hands Free Installation
  • Prioritized Support If Needed
  • All perks included in packages below
  • Other Perks Negotiable
  • Price: Free

Tier 3 Package

  • Support If Needed
  • Prioritized Suggestions
  • All perks included in packages below
  • Other Perks Negotiable
  • Price: Free

Tier 2 Package

  • Easy-Update
  • All perks included in packages below
  • Other Perks Negotiable
  • Price: Free

Tier 1 Package

  • Current Version
  • Other Perks Negotiable
  • Price: Free
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Your first post was in the correct category already, though if you wanted to move this you could do so via an edit.

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Oh sorry, I did not know that and someone said that I should move it here, Could I have it in both?

One category is missing:

  • Why should you use this?
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I thought that most of the time community resources were for open sourced things, not paid. In addition, you should add things like how each packages work and why we should use this over normal remote events. For example, does this improve lag? Workflow? Why should we use this?


I don’t have a reason to use this, also you can make one easily yourself.

“Easily”, sure you can make one your self, but not easily.

Right now, payments are to help start up development, but in the future I hope to make it improve workflow, it already does some, but there is really no way to improve lag.

No offense, but I think you should tell us more information about your module, since we don’t want to pay robux for stuff we don’t know what it exactly does and how it benefits.

What more do you want to know?

Why bother using this over more than one remote event? This will increase lag in its current state.

To make this module more unique, try to add a system where it checks if the server/client sent the event, for example:

module.ClientConnect(Transmitter, Function)
    if Transmitter == "Server" then
        --function here
        game.Players:FindFirstChild(Transmitter):Kick("Falsely sending events")

This would help me alot.

I imagine this doesn’t actually use one remote event/function, since that’d be dumb.
It’s probably just a wrapper that creates the remotes/functions behind the scenes and uses those. That’s what we and a lot of other devs I know do. You get the benefit of not having to create every remote you want to use while not sending useless data


Thanks for the suggestions! (Charlimit)

@tyridge77, It simply has, one remote event, one remote function, and one bindable event.
Instead of using game.ReplicatedStorage.Remotes.RemoteNameHere, when you fire it to the client/server, you’re sending a key with it, which the connect function recieves and if it is the right key, it will go ahead with the function inside of the connect.

And also, as I said earlier, payments right now are for supporting development and getting features in the future, the current features aren’t a whole lot so I would say go for the 1000 if you’re going to buy, because that gets you auto update.

It will error if the client tries to call FireClient

Since this function is used to communicate from the server to the client, it will only work when used in
a Script

Source: https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/api-reference/function/RemoteEvent/FireClient

This is a bad idea , it’s a lot more network efficient to use multiple remotes - using an identifier key is just wasted/useless data - and quite a lot of it.

There’s absolutely no reason to do this vs creating the individual remotes


It’s not wasted useless data, and instead of having 17 remotes in replicatedstorage you have 0

It is. It’s a lot of unnecessary bandwidth just for replicating an identifier string - remotes already have an identifier that gets sent. This becomes even a larger issue if you replicate any data frequently.

So it’s better to have multiple remotes , using 1 makes no sense and is not much more intuitive or easy to do than just creating multiple