Ore Tycoon 2 | "The Blessings of Spring" Mystery Bag Update Patch Notes + Developer QnA #1!

"The Blessings of Spring” Mystery Bag is here!

Though Nature’s wrath is cruel, those who take good care of its domain shall be granted Nature’s blessings.

Golden Sword of Spring Growth xMythical

The Golden Sword of Spring Growth harnesses the pure power of Spring to heal its wielder. It will turn anyone who dies to its blades into flowers, and the magical blade will transfer the life of those who’d fallen victim to it to its master.
Slash: 20 DMG
Lunge: 30 DMG
SPD: 4
Special Effect: Springshine
User is healed by 40% of damage dealt. Regenerates 2 HP every 2s.

Flower Crossbow Mythical

It’s a crossbow decorated with the beautiful Spring flora!
DMG: 60

Windmill Road Mythical

…The forebears of this land envied the power of the wind. Soon enough, they devised a way to harness it as a means of producing energy for their early machines.
Urban Upgrader (Rooftop Expansion, Lv. 5) skin.

Springwrath Staff Rare

Mages of old studied the power of Nature and harnessed its energy to protect what is most important to them.
DMG: 18
Dropoff: 200 studs
Firerate: 0.5s
Reload Time: 0.5s
Special Effect: None Shall Stand
Opponents standing on grass are stunned for 2s on hit. This effect can only be applied once per enemy every 8s.

springday treemine springenergy

Other Additions and Changes

  • New items have arrived to the Mystery Bag and the Catalog!
    • New Catalog items:
      • Rare: Sunshine (Chat Tag)
    • New Mystery Bag items:
      • Legendary: Dandelion Seeds (Particles)
      • Legendary: Skyscrapers of Nature (Skyscraper Mine skin)
      • Legendary: Spring Day (Gem Charger skin)
      • Rare: Tulips (Chat Badge)
      • Rare: Colossal Energy Extractor (Heavy Malachite Excavator skin)
  • Changes to Crossbows and Bows
    • Arrow Gravity changed from 75 → 12
      • With this change, we hope to give bows a place in fair battle, retaining its zero scoped/aimed-shot error and zero/near-zero recoil characteristics while having a lot less of gravity arrow drop.
    • Crossbow DMG changed from 155 → 40
    • Flower Crossbow DMG changed from 155 → 60
    • Shadow Bow DMG changed from 80 → 35; Fire Rate 1s → 0.5s; Reload Time 1s → 0.5s; Vertical Recoil 0.1 → 0
    • Halloween Bow and Arrow DMG changed from 80 → 30; Fire Rate 1s → 0.7s; Reload Time 1s → 0.7s
    • Candycane Bow DMG changed from 60 → 20; Fire Rate 2s → 0.7s; Reload Time 2.2s → 0.7s
  • Fixed Spooky Scary Excavator skin having reversed cooldown-ready colors

"The Blessings of Spring” Mystery Bag item event began on April 18, 2021 10:00 AM (UTC+8) and will be ending on May 9, 2021.

Need help getting all the items? We got you covered! Redeem the code SPR1NGBL3SS1NGS once the update has been released for 3,000 Tycoon Bux.

:cool: :tongue: Developer Q&A

While we’re waiting for the next major update, we will be answering the recently asked and most asked questions sent through our DMs and the in-game Feedback System! Here we go!

Q: I already fulfilled all the requirements for broadcasting, but “Error 008” appeared instead. Will this be fixed?
A: Yup! The Broadcast Error 008 has been fixed in the next update. Thank you so much to everyone who reported this issue! Apart from that, we have also fixed the loading of custom broadcast text colors for VIP users and made it so that you won’t have to enable the switch anymore if your last broadcast used custom colors.

Q: Can you add a cash donation feature in-game? I want to help my friends and other new players to progress!
A: We understand that some players may want to help new players progress in Ore Tycoon 2. Unfortunately, a cash donation feature will break the game. Just imagine a Level 25 player in the quattuordecillions donating that amount of cash to Level 1 players. It will be enough not only to progress through the first level, but also through the next twenty levels. Thus, we will not be adding this feature into Ore Tycoon 2.

Q: Conveyors get very, very long. Can we have a Conveyor Speed Upgrade for cash instead of NeoOrbs?
A: We will not be adding any conveyor speed upgrades for cash. The purpose of NeoOrbs is to upgrade your refinery and increase your efficiency. It is on the players on how they will spend their NeoOrbs to maximize their value. Since Refinery Upgrades cost Robux to reset, please plan ahead!

Q: The Third Floor Upgrader has a narrow upgrade area, meaning that ores on the side don’t get upgraded by the machine. Can this be fixed?
A: Worry not! This is only a design—the ores are still upgraded, regardless of whether they do not touch the upgrader part or not.

Q: Broadcast filter is way too strict! I cannot send completely harmless messages. Can this please be fixed?
A: Unfortunately, we have to use the strictest filter provided by Roblox for global broadcasts in accordance to the Roblox Terms of Service. Sorry!

Q: Island progression is too slow! Can we have a Mechanical Upgrader on the Island?
A: We hear you, gamers! Island progression is getting adjusted in a future update. While we cannot confirm as of right now whether there will be an equivalent of the Mechanical Upgrader to the Island, please take note that all your suggestions have been taken into account.

Q: Can you make it so that we don’t have to click the back arrow to exit the Achievements List?
A: Aaaand done! In the next major update, you no longer have to click the back arrow to exit the Achievements List and the Feedback System screen. Apart from that, we’ve made it clearer for you whether or not you can exit the screen by clicking on a different Settings category or not.

Q: Will there be a new expansion coming to Ore Tycoon 2 soon? If so, when?
A: Yup! A new expansion is coming to the game very very soon! We still do not have a release date for it as we’re still in the process of testing it, but it’s coming. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter https://www.twitter.com/OreTycoon2 to be notified whenever we have news for the next OT2 expansion!

Thank you so much for all the love for Ore Tycoon 2! See you all in the next patch notes / Developer Q&A! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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