Origin location issue

Hey, recently I have problems with importing obj groups file from blender to roblox studio.

Object position just keep to reset to world position

How it was:

How it is now:

That gates are exported from the same file

I can’t find any tutorials how to fix this issue, although I already tryed to reinstall the blender or install another version, everything is the same.

Have you made sure that they are in separate mesh parts? And also have you checked to see that none of them have Primary Parts?

Yup that gates are actually the same, the one which is correct were imported month ago, the one with wrong origin were imported 1 hour ago.

There is no any primary parts just meshes

Is it a model, or just one mesh? If it’s a model, could you make the middle the primary part, or would that interfere with something?

She made a mesh on blender

The Solution of it is:
You just have to change Pivot Offset Position to 0,0,0

Maybe it started to change after some roblox updates?

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Ohh ok. I didn’t know if primary parts worked on meshes or not or what would be a better solution sorry.

you could also do “reset pivot” on the model tab.