[OS Models] Voxel Model Pack

I decided that after such a great open-source survival game prototype you can’t create cool stuff without a great set of Voxel Art pieces.

This set includes 5 fully textured imported meshes of 5 models that were created using Magica Voxel and imported into Roblox.

Have a look at the renders of the models down below!

Scene created using the models within Magica Voxel!

Download the place here: Voxel Model Pack.rbxl (58.6 KB)

I am thrilled to see the exciting creations you will make using those models so be sure to share them in a comment on the topic!


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Do you have pictures of any of the other 4? I can only see one such render here, which is the stone tower. I also can’t tell which ones exist in the pack without downloading.

They are within the main game but I sure can put up some in a few minutes.

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