Oscars Polygon Update Log

Oscars Polygon Update Log

I’ve never done an Update log before, so here it is


May 17th, 2021
V1.0.0 - Release
• 30+ Playable Stages
• Over 15 Auras and Trails to unlock
• Secret Stage chance: 1%
• 1 Secret Stage
• Hard Mode Unreleased
• Badges/Halos in Progress
No images provided


May 21st, 2021
• Now changing Hue Killbrick color will change your level bar color.
• New Badges coming tomorrow
• Level 70 Gets you Pink Halo
• Fixed mutators some weren’t working now all function.


May 23rd, 2021
• UI Improvements
• Pause button now pauses instead of muting
• Win brick message will show your display name instead of your user, if you didn’t set up one, it shows your username
• /timer command, soon to work in VIP servers. Will add time to the clock


May 26th, 2021
• Now a sound plays when a mutator is purchased (global) and a sound plays when a mutator is already purchased (local)
• New shutdown screen
• Wins and Stages completed are being counted in the background


June 2nd, 2021
• Twitter Code Box in settings (can be used for stats, and items, soon to have more purposes)
• UI Refresh
• 2 new stages - Total: 43
• Progress getting done on Game Pass shop
• Code “Beta” gives 250 Polygons, 2 Secret codes are also out there!
• UserInputService: You can hit Left Alt, Q on your keyboard to open the shop, Left Ctrl, Q to open the Settings, and Left Ctrl, M to pause the music!
• FPS Counter, and Asset Loading Screen (Just a subtle blur :D)
• Game Pass Shop finished!
• More bug patches


June 9th, 2021
• Improved Top Bars

• Improved Settings UI

• VIP Server Commands & half price mutators in vip servers

• Vip servers will be 50 robux by the end of the month
• Improved Mutators
• Data Reset
• 2 new codes “Sorry” and “DataReset” for a free Aura and trail
• Fixed Data being reset
• Gamepass shop complete
• Chat Supports display Names

• Removed chat brackets
• If you have a display name, the chat will show an @ handle to the left of your display name

v1.1.0 - (Natural Disasters!)

June 26th, 2021
• Reworked the Level Gui and Header

• Gamemodes (Natural Disasters)

• 5 disasters
• Flood, Acid Rain, Unstable Gravity, Fire, and Meteor Shower
(It’s not much but more will be coming in the near future)
• Map theme is toxic
• Gui rethemed to green/black
• Major Lag fix (mostly to normal towers)
• Decoration transparency is now Delete decorations
• New Stage Equation: (stage number+1.25)^2

v1.2.0 - (Balance Update)

June 27th, 2021
• Leveling System is a bit harder to progress in
• The threshold for Pink Halo is now Level 50
• You get more polygons as you go up the tower
• 5 Polygons for the first stage
• 11 for the Second
• 18 for the 3rd
• 27 for the 4th
• and 39 for the last
• You get half as much Exp as polygons, you have to touch the door to get the remaining 50. Just to avoid players from leaving and rejoining and getting the full amount of Exp

Latest Version - (Literally Everything after that because I was too lazy to keep track of what is being updated)

July 13th, 2021
• Made the theme into a darker blue instead of cyan (Hue previously was 180, now its 200)
• Organized Topbars (With ForeverHDs TopbarPlus Module)
• Keep track of your progress till getting a halo
• VIP Server Panel

• Improved Gui

• More stats in stats for nerds

• Leaderboards look better now

• Added commas to every number over 1,000 (The number 1000 is now 1,000)
• More ui tweening
• More Gradients added to ui
• Suggestion webhook looks better (Developer only)
After: image
Before: image
• Time is in AM, PM Format
• Hovering over the music button will show the song playing, for organization purposes
• And here’s the admin panel only admins can access, not sure why I’m showing this here. But there you go

v1.4.0 - (Duels)

July 16th, 2021
• New Gui called duels!
• Duels is a fancy word for racing
• You can now race your friends for a prize of x1.5 Exp when completing the tower!
• You can also turn off duel requests if you don’t want to be bugged.


July 16th, 2021
• Low Detail Mode removes everything that isnt necessary for completing the tower
• Proper credits to Contributors in the exterior and this very post!

• Bug Fixes (Duels)

v1.5.0 - (Reskin)

December 5th, 2021
• Complete UI Reskin
• Gamepass Shop moved to the Mutator Shop
• New Level System

• Most Bugs fixed
• Removed Gamemodes (Due to too many bugs and too much to update)
• Removed Duels, seemed like a useless half baked idea
• 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place poses by the end

• Minor Map Changes
(Its a bit more than this)

• New Songs
• Polygon in the lobby changes color (crazy right?)
• Lighting Technology Change (ShadowMap to Voxel)
• This doesnt bring anything new content wise, just to leave the game looking decent

image OscarDosk1YT - Payments
image Squiegy - Code and Gui
image diewschifbro_3 - Majority of game design
image Noo8ify - Builder
image invT5 - Code
image Areauxient - Meshes
image iDominNate - Code

Music Credits
We dont own a single second of the music playlist in Oscars Polygon, so we’ve decided to give proper credits to the artists!
A song without a link means the creator themselves haven’t uploaded it to youtube yet
1PM New Leaf ~ By Animal Crossing
5PM New Leaf ~ By Animal Crossing
Among Us Lofi ~ By Lumpy Touch
And So It Begins ~ By Artificial Music
Clouds Finale ~ By Graham de Wilde
Evolve ~ By Opera GX
Interior Shop ~ By Tomodachi Life
Gravity Falls Lofi ~ By L.Dre
Me and the Boys ~ By Party In Backyard
Pigstep ~ By Lena Raine
Stal ~ By C418
Steven Universe Lofi ~ By L.Dre
Sweden ~ By C418
Food Shop ~ By Tomodachi Life
Tornado Defense Lofi ~ By Fumie Kumatani
Where Are we Now ~ By C418

Special thanks to our stage builders (Who aren’t directly affiliated with Oscars Polygon)
image BIueTheObbyist - Builder
image King_Eager - Builder
image TheAmogusSus - Builder

And to our supporters who played since launch