Os.clock() having a complete stroke or something

so yeah as you probably seen from the title the os.clock() is having some kind of issue.
i made a script that was supposed to compare a bit32 integer thing with a regular number in terms of performance.

the os.clock proceeds to give me extreme negatives when i subtract the os.clock values.

i added a print after creation of the initial os.clocks() and for some reason it works fine.

Here’s what it looks like
you see that the numbers print as negative for some reason.

now watch when i added a print right after initial os.clock

heres the script I was using when this happened

local e = os.clock();
local f = 0x0000000f;
local r = os.clock();
print('the final os.clock() is: '..tostring(r-e))

e = os.clock();
f = 15;
r = os.clock();
print('the final os.clock() is: '..tostring(r-e))

if this is somehow just me then lemme know how i can fix this without having initial prints there.
Also in the script, both are 15


e-07 means exponential, not negative