Oshiki Noodle Bar - Training Guide


Copyright act: No one outside of the group is allowed to use this.


Type c/ system into the chat and use the :sm command that way.

:sm Hello and welcome to today’s training session! I am (input user) and I will be your Host for today’s session.

:sm I will now be slocking the server, if you leave or get disconnected, DM an HR+.


:sm You will now be separated into your groups, A-D.

:sm I will now be reading some vital information, PTS is now disabled for anyone who wishes to talk.

:sm When you enter these doors, you will head straight into your rooms. Trainers and helpers will be there waiting to greet you.

:sm Your trainer will then read out the information needed to pass this training.

:sm After they have read all the information out, your assigned helper will then ask you questions and do 3 roleplays.

:sm You are given a maximum of 3 strikes, if you get to the 3 strikes, this means you have failed and will be kicked.

:sm Thank you for listening, all trainers and helpers may now go to their designated areas. Trainees must remain seated.

:sm All trainees must go to their rooms now, if you can’t find it, say your group name and you will be teleported there by a member of staff.

:sm I shall now read out the rules, please do not try to talk to me or ask me any questions, please ask someone else.

:sm We do not tolerate any bypassing, bullying, homophobia or racism.

:sm If you are an exploiter, you will be banned from the game and any other Oshiki related games & groups.

:sm If you fail, do not complain to anyone about it or complain on our group wall, it’s not our fault.

:sm Don’t spam messages, this leads to a kick.

:sm Lastly, be respectful to any staff here, they have taken time out of their day to do this.

:sm That is all I had to say, thanks for listening. I wish all trainees good luck on behalf of the Oshiki Noodle Bar team!


Hello and welcome to today’s training session! I am (input user) and I will be your Trainer for today’s session.

I will be reading out the rules and vital information for you to pass this training.

Do we have any questions before we begin? Please answer with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

PTS is now disabled, please do not talk. Talking will lead to a strike.

Exquisite, let’s begin!

Here at Oshiki Noodle Bar, we like to make sure our customers are well suited and cater for all of our customers’ needs.

We have many, many foods originating from Japan. Don’t worry it’s not all noodles.


When customers come to book a table or order food, you are obliged to use a greeting to professionally greet them.

A good greeting would be like this: ‘Hello and welcome to Oshiki Noodle Bar! My name is Frosted_Duckyz and I will be your server for today! What would you like?’

A bad greeting would be like this: ‘my nam is miss_gurl6687 and what do u even want? tell me now or ur banned lol’

We obviously want you to use the good greeting. And grammar mistakes can be fixed within the greeting.

Table Service:

When customers walk through the doors, they will either head to the bar or get a table. Your greeting is needed when they walk up to the counter to get a table.

You must then ask how many people are in their party and then show them to their table. You will then be their server for their time there.

Remember not to rush the customer and make them feel welcomed.

Hibachi Stations:

If you are working on the hibachi grill and a customer approaches you. You must once again, use your greeting.

The customer can order food or drink at the grill and it’s your job to get that for them.

Troller and exploiters:

If a troller approaches you, you must give out 3 warnings with the correct reasons.

This is what a good warning looks like: WI - runupkill090 - Rude to staff.

This is what a bad warning looks like: WI - dnvls - PIGGY

If you aren’t using the correct format for the warning either, it may not be counted for.

If you aren’t an admin, use the !help command in the game for an admin to come and kick the troller.

Exploiters get no warnings and they are meant to be banned immediately.

That is all I had to say, thank you for listening.


You are required to ask 5 trivia questions based on the Noodle Bar and then do a table service, bar and troller roleplay.

On behalf of Oshiki Noodle Bar, I wish you all the best of luck! Helpers may now choose their trainees and begin!


Hello and welcome to today’s training! I am (input user) and I will be your helper for today’s session. Before we commence, do you have any questions you would like to ask?

Exquisite, let’s begin!


I will be asking you 5 questions based around the Noodle Bar.

Your job is to answer them correctly and use grammar. Any incorrect or grammatical errors will lead to a strike.

Roleplay: We will be doing 3 roleplays.

Table service, hibachi grill and troller. I will be acting as the customer and you as the staff. We shall now begin with the trivia!

Let’s begin with trivia!

QI - How many warnings does a troller get?
QII - How many warnings does an exploiter get?

QIII - What is your greeting?
QIIII - What does a good warning look like?
QIIIII - If you don’t have admin, what do you do when a troller approaches you?

Guide made by highlighterlover007

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