Os.time() and os.date()'s seconds not changing at the same time tick()'s seconds changes

os.time() and os.date("!*t").sec increments to the next second when tick() has not yet.
For example, os.time() could be 1 and tick() could be 1 one moment and the next return value of os.time() could be 2 and tick() could still be something like 1.9, or tick() could be at 2 and os.time() still be at 1.

This occurs when a second is about to pass, and the bug occurs almost all if not all of the time.
To reproduce it, you can run

local lastSecondsInTick = math.floor(tick())
local lastSecondsInDate = os.date("!*t").sec
local tickSecondsChanged, dateSecondsChanged = false, false
while tickSecondsChanged == dateSecondsChanged do
    tickSecondsChanged, dateSecondsChanged =
        math.floor(tick()) ~= lastSecondsInTick,
        os.date("!*t").sec ~= lastSecondsInDate
    if tickSecondsChanged ~= dateSecondsChanged then
        warn(lastSecondsInDate, lastSecondsInTick, math.floor(tick()), os.date("!*t").sec)
    lastSecondsInTick, lastSecondsInDate = math.floor(tick()), os.date("!*t").sec

I tried this in studio, once on a place I’m working on and tried it on a new empty baseplate. I also tried going into one of my games, opening the developer console, and running the code on the server, and all of them has the issue.

I found this bug yesterday (8/21/19), but I’ve never tested or needed this to work before I found it.
I’m on Windows 10 Home, not tested on any other operating system (aside from what operating system Roblox uses to run games)

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