OTOCHESS Beta Testing

After 10 months of development, I am very excited to tell you guys about my idle auto-combat strategy game, OTOCHESS!

It is inspired by games like Super Auto Pets and Autochess. You recruit units and arrange your army to battle against other players. With over 40 units in the game and more to come, the strategies are endless. I’ve included screenshots of the game below.

Although anyone is free to play the game, multiple players are required to be playing at the same time in order to launch a match. Therefore, I highly recommend joining my Discord to find others to play with, or if you want to be more involved as a playtester. I’ll also be posting playtesting times where I will be online and testing the game myself so you can join me live.

Feedback is much appreciated. The game is still beta, so handle with care. You can report any bugs you find in the Discord (/dw5cFUDtF2).

The game can be found here.

Best! :smile: