Our game's cool interactive grass system

Hello :slight_smile: As some of you may know, I’ve been working on an open world wild west game for some time now for fun. We strive to create one of the most stylized yet detailed and interesting open world games on Roblox while staying performance friendly.

Recently I’ve been repainting our world’s grass because some optimization improvements allow for much more of it.

I’ve came up with a pretty neat workflow and I wanted to show it off as well as the system itself.

To paint grass, we use a plugin we developed to quickly change grass height, variance, density, and color as well as the brush size.

I go over the area I want with large brush strokes with higher height and density, then I cut random bits away and replace with lower height grass to create some variation.

Afterward, we take its base color(which we set in stage 1 based on the biome), and throw some HSV randomization in to make it a bit more lively

Now we hit play and we have working grass!
Grass responds to wind, trains, wildlife, and players

Grass also has Level of Detail connected to the user graphics level!

This means for lower end PCs, the grass that is rendering isn’t stressful enough to create any render performance culprits

We also have taken other optimization measures, and by doing so we’ve effectively eliminated grass related performance issues which means we can have and endless amount of dense grass throughout the world without having to worry.

  • We limit grass logic to 1ms, it will not ever take longer
  • We iterate on a fast per-chunk basis
  • We unload grasses that are far away, and unloaded grasses take very little memory
  • Mesh detail(# of blades) is dependent on user graphics settings(unfortunately this is an issue for the “automatic” setting)

Pretty awesome creation! Two questions…

What would you say the lag is for a mobile user while using this plugin?

Along with this…
Will you be releasing this plugin to the public?

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We haven’t begun optimizing for mobile yet specifically, our game doesn’t even target mobile yet.

However we use a poor specs laptop occasionally to test things(specs worse than an iphone 6) and it runs just fine

We’re not going to release this plugin to the public , no. Not sure if it’d fit well in other games either, the grass would look a bit ridiculous if it weren’t built around the style of our game


Are the grass models or billboardguis?

Also i think it could be cool if the grass interacted a little more with the character like in Rovive where the grass lays down Video of how it looks.

Maybe even if its possible you could make the trees sway in the wind too?

Meshes, grass does bend when the character walks through it, but it only bends 35 or so degrees, too much and it looks real silly

Trees are a bit trickier to make look good and most likely not worth the effort
If roblox allowed support for vertex deformation you could make some easier convincing tree stuff but trying to hack together anything else is just irritating(and probably won’t be very performant if it looks okay)


looks awesome, looking forward to play your game.


Thanks, we should be releasing for free soon after the end of summer!

Nice grass, I hope to see it ingame sometime.

Looks absolutely stunning. In fact, the whole project so far does. Good work!

Also that part brushing plugin… it’s way better than mine. I need it in my life some day.

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The last two videos reminded me heavily of the terrain vegetation feature they showed at RDC. It looks really good I have to say and fits good with the building style of your game. Keep up the good work!

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This is really cool but during RDC wasn’t like a very similar feature just released? If so will this plugin go above and beyond what Roblox will be putting in place some time in the future. Essentially will there be a lot more features then what Roblox is offering potentially?

Super neat! Nice work! :happy3:

This looks amazing, I’m excited for this.

We are excited for the Roblox vegetation. As for features, I don’t know. I hope the vegetation they add is customizable and easy to work with but we don’t have a great idea on when it’ll be released or what exactly it’ll look like

Depending on how good it looks for our game and how easy it is to interact with different things we may end up replacing it

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Your game looks really cool, I especially like the train
Can’t wait until you guys release it :cowboy_hat_face:

I would definitely want to play this game, you can make a lot out of this.

It’s already playable, play here: https://www.roblox.com/games/2317712696/The-Wild-West

I’ll check it out. Thanks. It looks great.

a simple demo game with just terrain and grass would be cool to test out if you’re up for doing it

Looks great! You said it reacts to the train, in what way does it do that?