Our New Game is Released! (Bank Tycoon)

Hi! We recently shared a trailer of our game. Now our game is released! + New Halloween Update! Me and my 2 friend are hard working on this game :grinning:. Please give feedbacks…

We spent 10k Robux for ads on yesterday and today.
Our gain 9k+ Robux on gamepasses,products

Builders,Designers,Scripters ;

And Special Thanks for

Game Link:

Trailer of Our Game:

If you have any question or bug reports. You can tell me on Discord my name is FireAtacck#7601


The use of emojis in the description is really gonna throw players off.

The price’s of the game passes are pretty high for a growing game, other then that the game is pretty well made.


If you play this game Codes : “Halloween”,“Release”,“TiClockGames” and “Secret” :heart:

Hmm, maybe we can lower 2x diamond multiplier and infinity cash price

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Before I play your new game, I would like one question answered. Is there something unique about this tycoon that I can’t find on any other tycoon?


Hmm idk its your choise :thinking:

Its good but I have a slight issue… some of the UI’s are in the way of the chat, maybe move them down and re-position the UI as I feel it was randomly placed*.


thanks for feedback. I fixed UI Positions

Is the double cash supposed to be there?