Our voice actor has gone AWOL, anyone talented here?

We haven’t heard from our voice actor playing the announcer in Hex for a while. Unfortunately he never finished his lines.

If anyone thinks they can pull off something like this: https://soundcloud.com/austin-k-4/sets/hex-announcer-clips-wip please reply to this post or shoot us an email (hexrblx@gmail.com) .

It’s a long shot but hey!



I can’t access the example, it asks for Google Verification

Whoops! Fixed it.

I can do a mean first strike lol: https://soundcloud.com/dinizterz/first-strike-prod-dinizterz-remix-dinizterz-all-dinizterz

Can’t do the role though, good luck, free bump

I’m avaliable and could do that for you, … dunno what else to say, Im on skype. (yenyang5)

Sounds good yen! Can you email us a sample?

This would be an awesome task for me! I currently do not have a strong internet connection and will be getting a good one within a week I will make some examples and send you them.

A strong British voice fits any situation.

Ask Morgan Freeman. :slight_smile:

I beg to differ.

I’ve done a bit of voice acting in the past. But I don’t personally have the necessary equipment to do so. If I can get hold of some I will let you know.

One of my friends doesn’t mind if you want idk

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