Outage Update: Our Commitment to You

We take seriously our commitment to have a reliable platform every time you use Roblox. We’ve learned a lot from the outage and are restructuring our systems and practices to safeguard against this in the future.

We know that Roblox being down impacted many of you. Given the exceptional circumstances, we have decided to estimate and provide revenues proportionate to what you may have lost during the outage. This estimation includes Robux earned from marketplace and in-experience transactions, and also Premium Payouts—which will get paid out via the normal payment channel & cadence.

If you or your group qualify, you or the group owner will receive an Inbox message in the next couple of days with more details. This is just one of the many steps we are taking to honor our “Respect the Community” value.


Whilst the outage was a major issue, it was also an opportunity to learn from many mistakes; I’m glad Roblox is being so transparent with it’s developers on the matter.
I am very thankful on the generosity which Roblox offers in regards to providing revenue lost not only from invested ads, but also from marketplace & in-experience transactions. It wasn’t necessary, but it shows the huge generosity on Roblox’s behalf, which I am very thankful for.
I’d also like to thank the engineers that worked over the clock to investigate & address the underlying cause - I’d imagine being called back to work after finally finishing your Friday shift mustn’t have been fun, and so I’m very grateful for the amazing staff that went out of their way to fix the issue.


Big personal thank you for these changes and to the engineering who’s worked hard around the clock.

Is it going to be possible to estimate these refunds ahead of time? Including challenging any inaccurate results?
Any information on the requirements for these refunds?


Mind specifying what the requirements are?

Thank you!


YES! This means so much to us! All of us! Especially the major developers who lost thousands of dollars because of the outage!

Thank you so much Roblox! :heart:


This is not corporate greed

You can read this article, and wait for the post-mortem to come out to get a better idea.


That’s nice to see Roblox respect their engagement ! I would be nice to know what are the requirements to be payed out tho…

Edit : thanks for giving us more info !


Extremely grateful to Roblox for taking steps to compensate the community for the extended outage and protect against this happening again. The transparency is very appreciated given that many people earn a nontrivial amount of money from their work on this platform.

In the postmortem, will there be any detail given into the nature of the incident and how things are being changed to prevent it from happening again?


This is great to hear, but as a few other people have mentioned - What does “If you or your group qualify” mean? Will this only apply to a handful of groups/users? Or will it apply to anyone who may have missed out on revenue? How is the amount calculated?


they finally brought out a statement


Who will receive the estimated robux earnings? Would make most sense if it gets paid to the group


To everyone in the thread asking whether they are eligible or not, please note that you will receive a message in your inbox whether you are eligible or not.

If they do not give the specific requirements, then after all revenues have been distributed you can make a basic assumtion of the requirements by which developers got it and which developers didn’t get it along with some calculations and such.


The outage was a complete accident. We didn’t expect. Roblox didn’t expect.

No one expected it.

They didn’t get careful, and I doubt this outage will ever happen again. They learned from the outage, so understand that please.


Any creator who earned Robux in October 2021 (before the outage) will be compensated for what they potentially would have earned during the outage window (October 28-31)


Then also all the clothings sellers who get clothes deleted and asked to be restored DAILY should get revenues proportionated to how often they get deleted and how slowly they get restored after…
It’s been happening since 3 months…there’s someone who keeps mass reporting plenty of high sales clothes, just to make space for theirs in the first pages.
My group got affected too and it’s causing so many problems to so many people!


It’s great to see Roblox do something like this. Big thanks to the engineers that worked around the outage, and prompts to Roblox for being so generous and understanding with revenue loss :+1:


I again congratulate the team that was in charge of back Roblox, and the interest they have to compensate us in these situations.


Really Appriciate ROBLOX

Honestly, if ROBLOX wanted, they wouldn’t had taken this step, as it was kinda not important…

But, if ROBLOX is really doing somethings like this it is amazing…

The repeated transparency about the outrage is also really appriciated.

I have noticed a couple to tiny steps that actually is small, but make a really big difference and improves the developers’ experience with ROBLOX.

Thanks ROBLOX!


Thank you Roblox for the much needed update on the situation. Your transparency is much appreciated and respected by the entire developer community. I for one am very grateful that you are reimbursing us for the lost Robux that we would’ve made. Thank you for all you do!