[Outdated] Looking for builders

About Us

Hello! I’m arustik99 and I’m looking to hire 2 builders to join the “Project TTR” team.

The Team

@arustik99 - Project Manager
@Ian_ski - Builder
@Azeth_s- Builder
@FrankSolence- Builder
@Couldbeyou- Builder

What is “Project TTR”?

“Project TTR” Is a remake of “Trucking Tycoon” originally made by Zephyred back in 2010. Later on it’ll be also more and more similar to “ETS”

About The Job

I’m looking for 2 builders at any experience level, it is required that you have at least 3 months experience.

Example of our game's build style

We would like to finish the game before 1st January 2022

It is required that:

  • You stick to deadlines (either set by me or yourself)
  • You speak fluent english (Progress will be checked daily - more on this in DMs)
  • You know how to build mid-poly assets
  • Spend at least 2-3 hours daily working on assets for the game


Each builder gets 10% + 600 :robux_light: overall backup payment split evenly between developers each month

Contact Us

You can contact me on Discord: Arustik#7647
You must be 13 years or older and have a portfolio (Preferred) or screenshots of your previous work to apply

Additional note: Upon applying you acknowledge that not sticking to deadlines and not posting progress reports will get you fired, this is NOT an opportunity to make easy Robux with little to no effort

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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