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About me

Heyyy! My name is Viv and I’m a simple GFX artist, builder and beginner modeller! I am contstantly learning about new ways to do things, that will allow me to work more efficiently



(The backdrop for most of these are free models, but none of them were comissions so I did not gain anything from them. For comissions, I will make the backdrops myself.)


Basic dagger

Shop framework (mid-poly)

Basic trees

Small passenger aeroplane

3 more basic trees


These builds are all made in Studio only, but I am currently learning in Blender too.
Genshin Impact Liyue bridge

Sci-fi office (incomplete)

Chinese-style hangout area (incomplete)

Tropical themed cafe (unfinished as customer requested)


I am available for about 1-2 hours of work on schooldays, however this may vary if anything comes up that is urgent for school (I’ll let you know ASAP). And on weekends its about the same too!


Prices really depend on what the job is, however, it is a small chance I accept percentages.
But since I’m still somewhat of a beginner, it will be pretty cheap.


You can message me here on the Developer Forum or Discord, which my tag is overhyped#9984, and undoubtedly a quick response will be made!

Tips and Feedback

Please give me feedback if possible, it really means a lot to me!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


She did a great job, I would recommend her.


Commissions open again! Looking for work

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