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Hia! I am miIkbars (previously known as laawoe/leyobe), a 20 year old 3D Modeler, Builder & Graphic Designer on ROBLOX. My work usually consists of a lot of colours from low poly to high poly, I have been creating on this platform for a little over 1 year. Expressing my creativity is one of the main reasons I love doing what I do and have recently returned from a 1 year break and would love to carry on pursuing what I enjoyed most on here!

Below you will find some examples of my previous/most recent work! :heartpulse:


Most Recent Models


Lowpoly Pets



UGC Concepts


Recent Builds



I have a-lot of spare time at the moment, which allows me to work from Monday - Saturday 12GMT - 9PM
However don’t hesitate to contact me in regards to your commission any time of day!

In terms of payment I take ROBUX & USD , I do prefer USD (Payments via paypal) which means robux rates are slightly higher however buying in bulk is always a 10% discount!

On large commissions I would like to charge by the hour (brought in bulk) which is at the rate of £9.00 per hour / 1300 Robux
Smaller Commissions all depend on the detail and what it is that I am creating which can range from £5 - £50+ / 1000 - 10,000 Robux

Prices are negotiable, however please don’t commission me to lowball, and a 50% down payment is required before I start your commission. Minor adjustments can be made to your commission if you do not like something, however I like to stay in contact with my client to avoid silly mistakes.
Refunds are available if I do not finish your commission on time, however this is high unlikely to occur

Contact :
Discord : layla#6384
Twitter : @miIkbarsRBLX
Roblox : miIkbars

Thank you so much for your time :heartpulse: :hugs:


i’m going to add on discord i’m interested in your work very satisfying

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Sent a request! aldini#1141

Excited to work with you.

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Looks awesome! I love the pets and everything, well done! You’ve got a lot of potential!

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I ordered an icon from @leyobe, and not only is she very skillful in her craft, but patient, and a very kind person who delivers excellent service as well. 100% recommending her to anyone in need of services like these.

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One of the best services I’ve received. Ordered an icon and logo and was completed within 2 days. Extremely great work, will definitely come back in the future for other commissions.

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Incredibly talented artist! I am super happy with the result!

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Added! Trophane#8773

You are very talented and I hope to work with you soon!

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Love all the work,will be ordering stuff soon

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Sending friend request on discord. Coming from cgmaf7#5629.

I love your work and would like to hire.