[OUTDATED] Portfolio , Builder/Modeler

Disclaimer: Commission status can be found in my discord (https://discord.gg/ywABChMU3m). I no longer regularly update this portfolio, if you are interesting in purchasing any goods feel free to get in contact with me on discord or twitter (@equrrioh).
Hey, Devs and clients!
I’m Equ, a 15-year-old dev enthusiast on the Roblox platform!
I specialize in building/modeling services, right now my commissions are currently closed.

small builds: 20-30k
medium builds: 30k+
large builds: 40k+

Maps (low-poly terrain maps) :
small builds (around 500x500): 20k+
large map ( around 1000x1000+): 45k+

Pricing is negotiable depending on the size and how fast you want the build!
PayPal only for USD payment.
Prices may vary!

Discord Server
If you’re interested make sure to join my server! That’s where I’m most active! Feel free to ask me questions!
Discord Tag: Equ#3289


Hey there do you have any experience in low-poly? I currently have a project going and we’re looking for a 2nd builder/terrain designer. It’s a fantasy RPG game, with a 6000x6000 stud map. If you’re interested in the project pls dm me Poltergeist#0666


I commissioned Equrrioh to make me a map for a game that I currently have. He was very fast and the details of the map were amazing! I would recommend him to anyone who would like a map with a low-poly feel. A great communicator too!


Equrrioh has been a friend of mine for several years, and it’s amazing to see his growth as a builder. He has very reasonable prices. Hire him!


I worked with Equirroh and he really does his job! The cafe he built was very detailed, modern, and beautiful. I will 100% recommend Equirroh for anyone looking for a build, he does a great job and pays attention to detail and design. His prices are very reasonable and worth the time and detail he puts in.

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Totally recommend him he does the work you are looking for if you need him Hire him he is very experienced and very talented for a young age.

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Anyways, you should hire her too :o

I will look up on her :eyes: what does she does?

Scripting and UI design!! :oooo

Nevermind i already have her friended thanks to our little friend i cant mention so this doesnt get flagged :wink:

Hey there, your tag doesn’t work. Add me: vlone#1913. Your builds are amazing!


I 100% recommend eq, but his avatar is :see_no_evil:

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Equrrioh is amazing at his low-poly craft! Hire him, you won’t regret it! He gets work done efficiently, and effectively. He’s grown tremendously as a builder. We’ve both watched each other accomplish things that we would never have imagined we had the potential to do, over the course of 4 years.