Outdated Portfolio

removed because work is outdated


Nice portfolio! I am also making one just to put pictures of my work in one place because you might never know when you need one.

You seem more of a UI Artist but you also do scripting and some building… Can you give me some tips for UI designing (in photoshop) on discord? [Cr_8tiveDev#5908] Thanks!

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Very nice portfolio. I’ve been looking for someone to make games with as I have some really good names reserved. If you want you can message me your Discord and we can go from there? I currently have no funds at all, but if you really wanted a payment I could pay you out of game earnings? Let me know :grinning:

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Sorry. I’m currently working on my own projects. Thanks for the offer! :smiley:

I don’t actually use Photoshop. There’s this cool thing called PaintDOTnet that I use. It’s kinda like Photoshop but free and with less features. I think it’s better because it’s free and you can do everything you can do in Photoshop but with more steps. And sure, I can give you some tips.

Yeah I have heard of paint(dot)net. I used it when I didn’t have photoshop, but my dad gave me a copy of it.

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