[OUTDATED] Professional Builder / 3D Modeler // extraman32

Hello! I’m extraman32 and I specialize in building/ 3D modeling using Blender 2.8 although I’ve tried my hand at animation, UI design (The banner/other graphic elements on this portfolio are made by me using Adobe Illustrator CC) aswell as scripting (very basic, still learning that).

I’ve been on ROBLOX since 2012 but I only started actively building for about 2-3 years.

I’m 17 and I live in Romania which is GMT+2. Going to pursue a computer science/physics degree after I finish highschool.

My preffered style is medieval low-poly that is a little more detailed than usual but I am able to do almost any style/theme.

Here are some of my assets/builds




Credits: DawnOfWyvern for layout/some of the building for the next 4 pictures



3D Modelling

Wings (1)
Wings (2)


Work Availability

I am available almost everyday and I got a flexible schedule especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic and summer.

Prices are negotiable and they depend on the project. I accept USD through PayPal or
Robux through group payouts. I will only take percentages if the project has potential.
If you want to do a t-shirt payment you are responsible for the 30%.

!! I’m only taking small maps/props commisions at the moment since I am hired on a bigger project.

If you are okay with these payment methods feel free to contact me using the information below.

Discord is preferred : SNEK#7069
You can also contact me here on the Developer Forum.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello there! I am interested in your builds, we can discuss in DMs. :slightly_smiling_face: MrBunnyKing#8346

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Extraman32 is really good at modeling! I was able to get a lot of really well done environmental assets to help make my maps look complete!
I would highly recommend him and buy from him again in the future!

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Looks very nice! Keep up the great work!


Vouch for Extra’s work, he does a great job and you will be satisfied with the results of your commission.

Good work keep it up. :+1:

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Finished assets pretty fast, with great results; I’d recommend :+1:

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Worked extremely well while under a close deadline and responds back to feedback very well. I highly appreciate and recommend @extraman32 because his work is definitely worth it and well done.

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I can totally vouch for @extraman32, they responded extremely well to feedback and always checked to make sure I was satisfied with the work they accomplished.

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Updated my portfolio with some of my most recent work! Commissions are open once again

Hey there! I’m interested, sent a friend request closereaper#6429

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I commissioned extraman32 to design and build a map for me, providing a relatively short brief and only some example maps. My expectations were exceeded in every way possible, and extraman has created an amazing map, blowing every other builder I’ve spoken to and worked with out of the water by a mile.

Extraman is proficient in mesh design and modelling and is a professional with ROBLOX studio, working very efficiently. He is organised in the work he produces and even organises it properly in studio to allow for easy editing if you want. He is eager to please and to make sure that you are happy with your product, and if there’s anything that you want changed he’s more then happy to change things around, which he finds easy to do as he is so familiar with studio and with blender.

He sets very high standards for himself and meets them, a standard way higher then I had expected for such a modest price. I would highly recommend working with him if you get the chance, you won’t be disappointed!


Your builds are great, you cover many different genres of build. Can’t wait to meet you!


Really did a amazing job! So happy I found/hired you!

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I definitely recommend extraman32. He is affordable and very talented.

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We had to get some map assets for our simulator and extraman32 handled the job brilliantly. The quality of builds was excellent, the assets were delivered quickly, price was very reasonable and he provided constant progress updates. Vouch :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, i sent you a friend request on discord! (ethan#0404)

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Hello! I added you on discord (SnowNix#0001), I am interested.