- [OUTDATED!] - [Tutorial] How To Increase Roblox Maximum Triangles To 21k Instead 10k


This is the second tutorial I have done, so if I make mistake in spelling or something let me know :3

Hi meta developer, so Im sure a lot of you guys have issues when importing high tris from Blender, Maya or any 3D software, aka this message


But chill there is a way to bypassing


Find mesh that has tri you want to import, for this example, I will use this sphere that I make from blender, It has around 15k tris

After that go to explorer and export it has FBX << super-duper important

Then open studio go to plugin selection and select Avatar Importer


Alright in here what you doing to do is select CUSTOM

then choose the file you just save


Wait for the process to be done, After the process has been done the model will be there but please don’t forget to delete the initial poses and animation controller since we will not use that


And there you go, a lovely sphere with 15k triangles lol

there you go, we just bypassing the Roblox limit


But there are cons of using this, it only works with FBX and not OBJ, there is also a second problem which is it doesn’t have data for location, so that means every time you import something it will spawn in the middle ( I don’t know how to explain this part since im not using blender every day)

The next thing to note is this tutorial just let you increase the limit from 10k to 21K triangles so that means it is not a bypass,

Im not the first to discover this, my friend are, I just decided to share this since we all have the same problem sometimes, and some may know this method already but yeah thank you for reading


Just call it “how to increase Roblox mesh uploading limit” not bypassing as it’s misleading


Thank you for letting me and other players know about this unique trick hopefully roblox mods dosent close it up as they ALWAYS do


also why does the sphere appear low poly? is it cuz you subdivided it??

Yep, I subdivided a few times, Im not really good at blender so I don’t know how to increasing tris

oh to increase it add a new part at the bottom left corner a gui will show up click gui and you can set it!

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I’ve always hated how my hyper realistic rocks had too many tris, thank you for this!


I like to think that the 10k limit for triangles is so developers learn to create optimized assets that suite their games without going overboard on the triangles. Using this tutorial for assets like rocks/trees/leaves will put you on a path for a horrifically laggy game.


Fine sir, thou hast saved me from my 12K tri creature models.


Turns out your method also have a flaw you see the max in the method u told us has 50k limit not the best btw

Can you explain a little bit more? I just use this method few days ago so yeah

Thank you for this tutorial. :+1:
Now I can import models with high tris.

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So you know how roblox is a bit quirky and they do have a limit for meshes which you bypasses with this tutorial but your method also has a tri limit of 50k or 50,000

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Yep I noticed it but I think not most of us will be importing sphere, lamp or chair that have over 10k tris lol
I think 50k triangles is already enough to import some stuff (sorry but my English is not good)

i dont mind and also i do know not alot of people would be doing that but some people also may be because the current roblox sphere is bad(sucks) when its big it look REALLY weird so thats why some people may need to have a more than 50k tris limit

Hello, I was just wondering if this imported as one mesh, or as multiple different ones if it’s like that in blender?

Hmmm, I guess it’s importing everything as one mesh since I just try with a sphere but you can try and see how it work

Yes, it seems that it imports everything as a single object thank you for this alternate option to importing things though.

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To be honest, this tutorial is kinda outdated since Roblox has released a new and better mesh importer a few weeks ago with a high triangle limit around 20k limit and maybe more in future, better separation and more

take look, glad they make an update after 10 years


I mean, this does 21k , while that is 20k, so I’d u want 1k more use this tutor

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