[OUTDATED] Tween Drawer - Complex tweens just drawing

Tween Drawer

Tween Drawer is a free plugin that lets you create complex tweens in parts just by drawing them.

This plugin offers three main features:

Tween Drawing/Recording

Clicking in the “Toggle Draw” button of the plugin, will turn on/off the draw.
When turned on, the tweenable properties of the part you selected will be recorded, and when turned off, the record will be saved.

Draw Previewing

Select the part you used to draw and then click the “Preview Last Draw” button in the plugin menu. Your last drawed tween will be played.

Convert To Script

By clicking in the “Convert-to-script” button in the plugin menu, a new script will be generated in the workspace. This script will play the last drawed tween in the script.Parent. You can also change the TweenTarget in the “object” variable, or the TweenInfo. Note this feature is in some tests so sometimes may not work properly

For now, this plugin supports only BaseParts & some specific properties:

Supported Properties

Position → Can be drawed, previewed and converted.
Orientation → Can be drawed, previewed and converted.
Color, Transparency, & Refletance → Is recorded but cannot be previewed or converted.

Also, in future updates new features will be added, such as supporting other instances, or properties.
Not sure? In doubt? Here are some examples!





Tips & Hints
  1. When drawing, I recommend to change the move grid to 0.1 studs or higher.

Any suggestions, opnions or bug reports are welcome. Note this is my first plugin.

Install TweenDrawer here: Tween Drawer Plugin

Patches & Updates
  1. Delay/Lag on converted tweens patched.



I think this is a great tool and will save a LOT of time, will definitely use in projects!


It’s good but here’s a suggestion, when holding SHIFT make it pause for a bit until you no longer hold SHIFT. Does that make sense? Here’s a use for it: what if you want to tween it diagonally all at once? Or what if you want to resize all axes at once? Maybe try adding that, it will help.

Great plugin btw.

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Thank you! Thats a good suggestion, I will make sure Ill add this feature.

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