Outdoor Homestore

Hello! I just recently released this clothing shop i’ve been working on with my team. I wanted some feedback on the build itself.

Game Link : Angell's Homestore - Roblox



I really enjoy the build although there can be some minor adjustments maybe some more grass/flowers and spread them out some more IMO they look a little close together. Good Job I really like it!


From the looks of it, it looks great overall but I got some concerns about it:

  1. The Dummies with the shirt/pant thing should maybe have something at the bottom to support it, like a little stage for them.
  2. Maybe you could add a beach near the dock so there could be more space to roam around.
  3. And finally, there should be more background around the map, since it looks bland in the 2nd and 3rd picture.

These are just some suggestions and maybe a way to help you with your Outdoor Homestore, good work! :happy3:


Okay thank you!

30 chararacters

No problem anytime! :slight_smile:

Okay thanks! I will consider doing these! :slight_smile:

The game overall is pretty good, but I don’t think just fitting clothes in there w/o a store is the best fitting. Maybe create a store on that island? The game might need some more things like

  • more rocks
  • more flowers/mushrooms
  • more trees etc

Yes, I agree. i am adding a mini store in the future. But I also wanted it to be something differemt.