Output types and traceback convert to what the one under the mouse was when they appeared

When certain types of output appear in the Output, their appearance and traceback link (when you click on them) becomes the same as whatever output was hovered over at the time.

A good reproduction is as follows:

Open a place in studio and do the following:

  • create a new script
  • enter warn("test") wait(5) for i = 1, 5 do print(i) end error("test error")
  • hit play
  • mouse over the warning in the output
  • once the other text shows up, move your mouse elsewhere in the output

This results in the following:

If you separate the output into different scripts (e.g. the initial warning into one and everything else into another) you can see that the outputs all point to the place the warning came from rather than the proper place.

From what I can tell, this is only triggered by printed output and warnings, though as you can see in the gif it converts all the output regardless once it’s triggered. It notably doesn’t trigger if the code is ran in the command bar (as no traceback is given) and if the output from the script doesn’t provide a traceback, like stuff from printidentity.


I have encountered this bug before, the output types changes into one after exactly the same reproduction. However, I was not sure if I reproduced that through moving the mouse.

I gotta check this later.

I just tried this in a baseplate localscript and did not produce the effect described.
Perhaps the error is associated with the HTTPService situation.

After disabling all of my plugins the same bug occurred. Are you on 32- or 64-bit Studio?

I was able to reproduce this with the repro code given (and even in Linux). Remarkable bug, wonder what causes it.

Occurs during a play solo test.

Quite recent, I believe this issue has only been happening for about a week.

I’m not sure how exactly it happens, but I think it might have something to do with the place auto-saving (in my screenshot, the autosave text was cut out, but it was there above the print).

So, with that in mind, the repo is:

  • Open a place
  • Make it so it throws an error or does another type of print
  • Spam play solo until the place autosaves before/during the test is happening
  • See results in the output

It’s not just purple. It’s whatever the color of the first message is. I’ve had it happen in play solo and edit mode and it appears to be triggered by mousing over the output (making the underlines appear)


This occurred to me a few times, sometimes I get the standard ‘print’ color or the red error message color.


This is an odd one which I randomly encountered just by hitting Enter.

Apparently, if you execute your code from the command line in studio at the same time an auto-recovery file is created, it will merge your output with the recovery file’s.


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I also get this bug. It catches me off guard because I think an error is thrown at me from a plugin or something, but it’s just combined with the prints. This doesn’t only happen with recovery files, but with script warnings and errors too.

This also happens with prints, warnings, errors, and basically every other type of message in output.


The “Go to Game Settings and turn on Allow HTTP requests.” is supposed to be blue.


It can be seen in this gif but I can’t come up with a consistent repro. I thought resizing the output window or mousing over it after or before beginning or exiting play solo had something to do with it but I couldn’t get it to replicate consistently.

This does happen to me in the worst of times though, like if I’m actually trying to read output this will conveniently happen.


Seen above is a crop of my output window after a quick test. Usually the disconnect message and auto-recovery messages are purple, the Nice? (x9) is white. They do output that way but as soon as I mouse over any line of text in the output the entire output changes to purple-link text for the auto-recovery message. The example image doesn’t show it but error and warning outputs are also also turned purple and auto-recovery-link-ified.


I don’t have auto-recovery enabled so I’m not sure why I’m getting the output message in the first place, but it eating all my output colours and script links is pretty annoying.

Auto-Recovery created message are the only ones that I’ve noticed trigger this behaviour.

I can repro the purple-paintbucket-fill behavior every time an auto-recovery message gets sent to my output window.

I’m unable to figure out a repro for the auto-recovery message showing up when the Auto-Recovery Enabled property is disabled.

Studio version 0.433.0.405142 on Windows 10

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The new output window will sometimes glitch and render everything in the same color as the top item. Clicking any item in the output will behave as if you clicked the top item as well.

As you can see in this video, all of my normal prints got turned into warnings (like the top warning). When I go click a stack trace elsewhere in the output, it brings me to the warning at the very top.

The output was the proper color, until I did something (I forget what… maybe resizing the output?) and it triggered everything to turn yellow.

Windows 10


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up here when we have an update for you.