Outside of the Homestore

As a member of management, you will find that there are as many things to do outside of the Homestore as there are inside of the Homestore. This form will outline those tasks, how to carry them out and issue you may encounter while performing your duties.

Discord Moderation
The bot in the server is set up to handle many of the things you may encounter and will automate most of the process. However, there are certain things that need your involvement. Anything on the list of rules that isn’t filtered by the bot should always come with a warn (?warn [User ID] [Reason] and if necessary should come with a mute as well (?mute [User ID] [Time - time uses first letter - so 5h = 5 hours] [Reason])

Staff Meetings
Meetings are run by Senior Management+
On occasion, there may be a staff meeting called by either General Management or an Executive. A mandatory staff meeting must come with at least a 36 hour notice to give every member attending time to prepare and clear their schedule. Any other staff meeting can be called at any time, but a specific reason must be given, and it cannot be mandatory before the 36 hour mark.
Meetings should be done in VC, and the only person who should be speaking is the person who is running the meeting unless there is a time where you must add something or ask a question. But try not to talk over other people.
Staff meetings should be for Management+ only

Meeting Tips
If you are calling a meeting you should have at least 2 things to talk about. These should be things that you want to talk about and discuss with other staff, not something that can be done in a quick announcement.
When running the meeting try to write down some talking points or things that you want to say in order to have it flow easier, and cut down on the amount of “Uhmmm” and “Wait what was I talking about”. Having a streamlined plan for your meeting benefits both you and the participants.
Ask for feedback on how people think that you did running the meeting. Constructive criticism can be one of the most helpful things for anybody in charge of anything.