Over 2 weeks of work vanished

I dont know if this belongs in this category, but my entire game saved except for scripts. I had over 2 weeks of work in module scripts that I have seen nobody else do before, and it all vanished when I turned team create off. Is there a way to get this work restored? I have tried rolling back versions throughout different times today, but none of them have anything valuable.

do still have the autosaves, or try enabling team create again and hope it appears again by miracle.

I’m not certain but it might be cause they were still in the drafts, which is exclusive to team create. Your best bet is to try scavenging through your autosaves folder as @p49p0 suggested. Or you might want to try enabling it back and see if the drafts saved.

not sure if you had drafts before tho

where do i find the autosaves? I remember the drafts menu showing up and not knowing how to get rid of it, so that may be it
For now, I’ll refrain from opening studio so that no autosaves are overwritten

Its usually in Documents → ROBLOX → AutoSaves. but you can check the path in your Studio Settings