Overdue Badge Update

This was probably asked by someone (long ago), but I’ll post my own ideas and thoughts:

I just wish that Badges were treated like achievements in Steam. There’s a game I used to play long time ago, and I want everyone to know I got the badge. But now it’s hidden in my 100s of badges.

When are badges going to get a big update? (Maybe with things like renaming it to “achievements,” progress to getting a badge, showcasing a badge, not limiting the badge to a circle, etc.) :open_mouth:

While it may not seem like it, badges are very essential to games. They give players more reason to play, as all players want bragging rights to their favourite games. My sister used to NEVER play a game without badges. (She quit roblox long ago tho.)

Edit: Let me type out my ideas for badges in a list:

  • Renaming to “Achievements,” this sounds better imo.
  • Progress to getting a badge
  • Show casing badges on our profile
  • In the game page, show which badges we already achieved
  • Not limiting the badge icon to a circle
  • Allow secret badges (hidden badges that can only be seen by people who earned them.) This could be done by changed the image and text to something that the developer can set, then another box and image to when a player achieves it.
  • More to come, post if you want me to add any other idea to the list.

I think badges might be filed under the “we’re not touching them again until the website redesign is ready for them” area.

But the question is, when? qq

Considering “achievers” are one of the four majors types of video game players, its unfortunate that ROBLOX seems to have abandoned badges. I fully support this achievement system, as it is something that Steam, Xbox One and PS4 all put a lot of effort into, for good reason.


I just want the original badge sound back, the ta da! sound!!


In regards to site badges, a badge overhaul would definitely seem to be in the pipeline if you consider the images people dug up on the site before, mind you I think this was over a year or two ago. I don’t know how people knew these were genuine at the time but that’s definitely what was going around.

There were different tiered badges for the ones we have now based on: Veteran, KO badges (e.g. Warrior), Place visits (e.g. Bricksmith).
To give you an idea of the range they upgraded to I think the Veteran badge upgraded up to 10 years, whilst place visits was something like 10 million. KO’s was maybe 100,000? not sure.
I think were a couple others too based on what was dug up, but sadly they never saw the light of day.

Like ScriptOn alluded to, I think they’re waiting for some other update before pushing it.

For the “Showcasing your badges on your profile” section, I think we’d need to see a way to search through inventory pages. I have ??? pages of badges (I’m not going to hit that arrow button until it goes gray, yikes) and wouldn’t be able to go back and find a cool badge I earned from Apocalypse Rising that was discontinued - not without spending hours looking.

But I don’t want an inventory search feature if it’s going to be anything like the Catalog/Library search feature - or even worse, the forum search feature. yikes.

That’s why these features take so long - they snowball like crazy. Something as simple as “showcasing badges on profile” can turn into “We need to completely change the search system.”

By the way, though, I fully support a badge overhaul and think it is, indeed, long overdue. Perhaps with continued site revamps we’ll see some of these features :slight_smile:

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It baffles me that we don’t have a check next to the badges you own on the game details page. It’s crazy that I need to go to each badge page to see that.


Add it back yourself with super-simple scripting! I did this for SBS since the beginning and people love it.


I’m so happy to know people are watching Extra Credits, it’s such an awesome series.

As for badges: We know badges need some TLC but that’s all I can really say at this point.



Time, Love, Compassion?

Can you at least tell us if such an update will come out this year? That shouldn’t be too much to ask for, right? qq Think of it as giving me a present for last Christmas.

That actually works better in this case than the traditional meaning.

I wish I could, but all I know is that there are people with plans. What those are and when they might be scheduled for is outside my sphere. :frowning:

Just casually walk into the web office place thingy and start casually talking to someone. Then casually bring up information about badges, then casually post the info back here. :123: No one would suspect a thing.

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A. I work in the web office place thingy, but it’s a big place and growing by the day.
B. We generally don’t know what we’re going to be working on until a week before because stuff happens fast when something gets in the pipeline.
C. @ReeseMcBlox would be at my desk in about 5 minutes if I started leaking things here, even if I knew things worth leaking. I like her, I don’t want her mad at me.
D. I really suck at being casual.


That’s cool. It seems @ReeseMcBlox will be at your desk in 5 minutes to congratulate you on not leaking things.

Hopefully the update come soon. Thanks for the responses.

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