Overhaul to Version History

Version History could be an incredibly useful feature but still falls short to this day. The information and options given with each version listing is just so limited. It is so hard to find the correct version you need as every listing is identical.

Place Version Thumbnail
This is probably the most important addition needing to be made. This would really help to identify which version is the correct version rather than going through each version to check if it is the correct one.

Download Place Version
When I want to access the previous version of my game, I have to publish it and go to the game page to open it in Studio. This is way too tiresome and it would be much easier if we could just download place versions straight from each listing.

Skip To Page
Clicking the arrow buttons over and over again is tiresome. It would be brilliant if we had that little textbox in between that allowed us to skip to a certain page (I don’t know why it has been removed from pagination on some pages because it’s really useful)

I realise I can use ROBLOX+ for this, but this is really the only feature I need from it. I despise the extension ahead of that. This is really something that ROBLOX should add and not a side feature in an extension.

This has been requested a lot but it’s just so important to me :confused: I like to dig through my projects to find what I’ve accomplished in 6 years but it’s also very important if I lose a game file or another scenario happens that is out of my control


Not to mention if your game is popular, you’ll have people playing an older version of your game before you can download it and revert the changes, which could destroy your DataStores and otherwise just confuse everyone.

Very impractical.


Plugins are also missing version history, which they should have – same with animations I think.