Overhead GUI design choices

I’m looking to improve the overhead GUIs in my game as the old one was difficult to read from a distance. This new one resolves it thus far and I’m looking for general feedback on it.

The name field changes to match the player’s team colour in-game. For example, if I was on the orange team, it’d look like this:

I don’t consider UI design one of my strengths so all input is appreciated :wink: .

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I think the new one is an improvement!
Based on your game’s style, I would change the font so it fits.

The vertical positioning on the level seems a bit off, but I preferred the old one with the level on the left.

Perhaps something like this?
(quick mockup, not fine art)

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I have chosen the font based off of my game’s genre, cartoony; I originally made them in my main game’s place so I think it matches everything else. The level text looks out of place because I positioned it so there isn’t an overlap if the player has a ‘p’ or ‘q’ in their name that drops lower.

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I personally prefer the first one, as it feels more compact and like all the info is right there for me to interpret. The second one feels like it’s open and spread out, and I have to search for the info.

Maybe I’m just crazy :tongue:


I decided to fix up the original design as it seems it was more popular. Here’s the result:

It also looks a lot better at a distance which I’m pleased with:

Keep up the suggestions :slight_smile:


I prefer the first one, it feels less cluttered and it is simplistic.

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