Overhead nametags

For an overhead nameplate, should I anchor the billboard GUI to the torso or HumanoidRootPart?

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I’d assume the head would be the best place.

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Yes as @Xacima said, there head is what I use!

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Okay, I heard of problems with that though, like using different heads will break it.

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u can fix that issue, i’ve seen so many posts about this so im trying to help each one of them.
before u clone ur overhead and parent it and all that stuff, add wait()
that will solve ur problem.


		newtext.Parent = char:WaitForChild("Head")
			newtext.Adornee = char:WaitForChild("Head")
			newtext2.Parent = char:WaitForChild("Head")
			newtext2.Adornee = char:WaitForChild("Head")
			uppertext.Text = player.Name

something around that