Overriding ladder/truss climbing

For a cinematic type game where a lot of your actions are animated I was thinking about the climbing part and I was wondering if it would be possible to do. What I mean by this is animating the climbing but preventing the climbing animation from playing whenever your Roblox character starts climbing on its own by preventing the climbing from happening in the first place, so limiting climbing access to button prompts I guess?

One of the examples I want the finish product to look like is from Alien Isolation where it gives you the button prompt to climb (Don’t need that part) and then you start climbing up and down. Sounds simple enough right? (I cant find a gif)

example video:

I have multiple ideas of how this could work but I haven’t confirmed if any of these could work

  1. Custom Movement Script
  2. Editing the current movement script (I doubt this would work)
  3. Blocking off climbable objects and making the climbing process with CFrames (probably most complicated one but most likely to work)

I haven’t started writing the code yet because I’m not sure of a idea to go with

Could any of these work or is it just impossible to implement something like this

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You can override the default “Climbing” animation in the Animate script found in each player’s character model.


Sorry for not replying earlier but thats not the question here
The question was to prevent the player from climbing and force them to climb when requested