"Overthrow" Game Showcase

Hello. I want to present to you all a game that I have recently made.

The game itself is about overthrowing the government, as the title suggests by it being called “Overthrow”. In the game, you are trying to overthrow the current democratic government and replace it with your autocracy. To do so, you have several means of action you can take, such as Enlisting enforcement units to enforce the law and pacify the citizens, thus forcing them to pay your tax and fuel your operations. You can, and should also use operations that will be available for a large sum of cash to generate fear or additional money. The point of generating fear is to justify additional acts that allow you to purchase and enlist additional enforcement units - that in return, pacify more people and generate more cash revenue. That is until you’ve pacified the whole population and established your autocratic government.

If you’ve come this far, then I have to thank you for reading it all. I would really love to see some feedback. Positive or Negative reviews alike, with a scale from 0-100 or 0-10 if possible. Thanks again. Also, I’ve made this game in a week, so if there are bugs, please tell me. Oh, and also, can you tell me if the game pass works IF you purchased it? Or, if you can select the modifiers without the game pass? I am in dire need of knowing that.

(it’s also my first post!)


Why does it say 13+ on the thumbnail/game icon?
FEEDBACK: The game does not work, most of the words are filtered, the instructions did not work, and everything is such bad quality.
Photos if you cannot play

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Because it does have certain features that might not be advisable to children, such as violent ambience. It is not that you need a minimum 13 years, although it is an advisory, as this game is WIP, and will most likely have more sounds and features.

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Can you give me a photo? It worked fine on my end a few days ago, and I updated it last month.
EDIT: If you mean the “###Unfinished###” - It is meant to be like so.
EDIT2: The instructions button is not yet scripted, as I don’t have a provided instruction manual yet. Although is that all that doesn’t work?

This is probably not the brightest of all ideas as it might get your game taken down due to Roblox’s strict moderation history. I suggest you make a political simulator (or something alike) that is suitable for all ages, which is what Roblox would most likely permit to be on their platform. Nonetheless, a very creative and unique concept.

I see. Well, I’ve seen games that are filled with blood, say, Phantom Forces, or that Asylum game where you can decapitate people - and it’s on Roblox. Or other games where you play as a murderer and kill people etc., so I would be surprised that I would get content deleted for something similar, albeit not graphic. Though thanks for the word.

Gonna be brutally honest here. The gameplay is bland and tasteless, the map is really hurting my eyes, the UI is very unfinished. What even is the purpose of the map? You never use it and again it’s an eyesore.

You didn’t even finish the code for the money laundering (it lets you buy multiple at a time but they don’t stack). The gameplay is super confusing (what am I trying to do here? you say I’m trying to overthrow a government but I can buy law enforcement? whats the purpose of being able to buy fear and reduce it?) It’s just a big mess.

The concept of being able to overthrow a government is great for a game. It would be a fun multiplayer roblox game. But for this singleplayer demo? I’ll pass.

If the core gameplay loop isn’t fun itself, no amount of added content will make the game good. This is true here. Your gameplay loop is boring/tedious, and so the game will be, even if it was super polished and pretty.

Sigh the ramble is over. Okay, sorry for being that brutally honest, but criticism is criticism.

I’m gonna be honest with this.

It looks like you took a Google map photo and made some text in paint
The UI looks outdated from nowadays Roblox UI
Using outlines mess up the UI very much

To be honest, UI is, bad and, the background. As @keo164 said, map is like Google map photos and you just added text. I think you should hire people for help you.

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I have no idea on what I am doing and half of the initials don’t make sense to me. If I were to be honest, I would say it would need a lot of work.

They should be able to stack, if they aren’t, it must be a bug, I’ll look into it. I understand that the map can hurt, although for some reason I am unable to make an image in roblox that wouldn’t look bad, when compared to non-roblox images. Although, I do understand that this is my fault, and I’ll try to change it to something better. Thanks for the review.

I wish that I could have, although I’m broke, so I must rely on the set of skills and tools I have at my disposal currently. I tried to make it good, but I unfortunately failed, I’m sorry, I’ll try to improve it.

You can do it better if you practice. I will give you a tip. First make a small project, then bigger and then more bigger and lastly you can create a huge game.

But that game isn’t large, neither it was meant to be like so. The only thing here that’s bad so far is mainly the graphics, and right after it gameplay, at least the code isn’t bad.

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unique game idea! keep up the work

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