Owner fired me, but didnt stop scripts from sending requests to my website

So i’ve recently been fired from a game im working on. I agreed to use my website to serve as their log system. But when i was fired i want to stop the scripts from sending more requests. But the owner blocked all communication methods with me. I want to use the server for other purposes. What should i do? (sorry if this isnt suppose to be in this category)

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Take down your website and block all of the requests i guess

A fast method is to change your URL, however if you used your IP for connecting your going to need to ask your VPS provider to change your IP or get a new VPS.

i need it for other projects that i work on

Maybe create an alt account on roblox to PM the owner or something like that. Other than that im not too sure

Does your webservice require an API key to use its APIs? If not, it should! API keys are a useful security barrier that prevents unauthorized usage of the webservice, by only allowing requests sent with the proper API key(s) to be processed.
More info here : Application programming interface key - Wikipedia

Simply revoke your previous employer’s API keys if they have any - if not, implement an API key system to prevent unwanted people from using your services.


yeah i’ve changed it but they still hog up resources even if the server didnt authenticate the request. In fact i’ve changed the port and its still using resources

I believe the requests from game servers include place Ids.
Just only allow requests through with a set of “allowed” place Ids.

This might seem a bit overkill, but you could try to take this up to moderation, if he doesn’t agree to stop using your server(s). I’m 100% not qualified to do API/web servers and such, but you could try @ProbableAI’s solution

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything you could do beyond this point - ultimately, the server still has to process the actual incoming packets from incoming sources in order to determine if it should do anything further with them.

CC @unix_system - unix might know more about this and be able to give you a better answer than I could.

The server still has to process the incoming requests, with > 5000 requests per minute even if i block every request the server still uses processing power to check if its blocked

This was one of the issues I faced that led me to write this:

Yes, if you didn’t have a written contract for a paid external service, then yes you definitely should prevent the requests from being made to something that you’d be forced to upkeep. You own and manage it, not your previous employer and therefore your previous employer will have to find an alternative method.

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I’ve contacted the new scripter of the game to remove the script that does this, but so far he’s ignoring me. Yes the new developers won’t be able to use the log service, but the game’s still sending requests to log stuff