P08 Luger | Gun model

This is a simpilified low-poly version of german P08 Luger. I made this model mainly for personal usement and as a lesson to create more styled guns.

If you have any thoughts, give feedback.


I think it looks pretty cool obviously there’s not much to criticize since its low-poly but is it possible for you to add a little bit of texture to the grip?

Yea, I think it’s possible by adding simple texture into the brown grip part but I was afraid that it will make this model less low-poly.

Yeah it’s not really that big a deal anyways. If you don’t mind how did you learn to model?

Well, I just wanted to learn blender so I decided to watch tutorial series made by Blender Guru. It helped me to understand how to use this program in basics and I highly recommend to learn from tutorials (especially made this by Blender Guru). after this I started modeling by myself.

Ok thanks for the info! I’ll watch the series and hopefully get better at modeling

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looks very good, have you tried making other guns? example: walther p38

Yes, here’s the Gewehr 43 riffle created about 1 month ago. This one is more mid-poly.


looks very nice! have you tried making a fictional gun by mashing up parts of other guns?

Honestly, I’ve never tried it. I’ve seen models like that (for example AK12 from Phantom Forces) but I’ve never made my own. At least you gave me idea to do that.

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my idea that uses the concept of mashing gun parts together is making a AA12 look like a Thompson

Cool idea. I can imagine long barreled version of AA12 with wooden parts.

Looks really neat. Im more into realism and with my guns I prefer realistic guns. But this is very cool.