P90 3D model Feedback

Please give feedback!

Edit: I redid the model and decided to go with a more mechanical design so I kept some flat parts


I am a fan of P90, and I’d say it looks pretty good!
What it needs is a bigger magazine, since it looks kinda flat.

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The model looks ok, however the proportions are completely off. Either you’re not modelling from a reference image, or the reference image has a crap ton of perspective distortion. The barrel seems to wide for the width of the gun, and the grip looks very strange compared to the real life counterpart. The grip is bevelled, not flat. I think the solution to all this is to look at lots of reference images, and analyse what is wrong with your model, or else it looks strange and “scuffed” in a way. Here is reference image you can analyze to see what is off.

Sorry if I’m being a little hard, but accuracy and proportions are the fundamentals of a good model. If you feel like you’ve messed up, start over. Most models I make are remade from scratch at least 2 times. On that note, have a nice day!

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Looks really good. But you can add more good textures to it.

I was modeling with a reference image however I didnt really scale the proportions cause I thought nobody would notice, thanks for telling me!

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The model is missing a lot of detail and it looks very flat. Also the textures are pretty boring.