PA replacement - will it even come?

So as most of you have known already, PA got removed and categories restricted to Members.
However, it is really tiring to see that we’re already about a month without PA and DevRel announced absolutely nothing about a PA replacement, there is absolute radio silence on the subject.

And here’s the problem. Why did DevRel remove PA without having a planned replacement? Members sometimes want to post in Platform Feedback, but they cannot as the categories are still restricted.

I am pretty sure that a good business strategy is to either announce that there won’t be a new feature replacing it, or implement the new feature immediately after removing the old.


Yes, be patient. It will come sooner or later.

I find it quite frustrating that I can’t post a bug report or feature but it is what it is.

It will come out, otherwise the DevForum would be in shambles. Just wait a bit