PA System using Voice Chat?

Hi ! I have some questions about the VoiceChat, like im currently trying to make a PA system using the roblox VoiceChat but I don’t find anything about change who can hear a user and who cannot, I only found this : Where does the voice chat service come from?

In the post the last message tells to look the some files but the files are empty so if you got any informations, share thems to me !

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All you have right now is VoiceChatService:IsVoiceEnabledForUserIdAsync()

There is no customizing available yet, although roblox is working on it, and there is many feature requests for more customizing of voice chat! It is still a newer system on roblox, so more is still to come

Yeah, but I saw on some games the PA system working so… well I’ll just wait thanks

Such as? Can you link any on the roblox platform that I (or other developers) can check out?

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I found how, just need to use the sound service

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