Pablo's Security Team Handbook


Pablo’s Security Team members are specially trained by the Head of Security (HoS), and his high ranks, who undergo a different type of procedure than other staff members. Security staff members are responsible for making sure all customers and staff members are following Pablo’s rules and procedures. They also are responsible for the public safety of the restaurant’s environment.

  • Security Trainee - This rank is not a part of the Pablo’s staff team. This rank is the most basic rank in the Security Team and can be obtained after submitting a successful application. All applications are read by the HoS. After being accepted, trainees are told to attend an automated training (15-30 minutes average).

    Pablo’s - Security Training Center

    There they will learn the knowledge required to pass a short quiz. If they pass the quiz they will notice a rank change to the Security in Progress rank. If they fail they will need to wait 24 hours before taking the quiz again in hopes of passing. You can always know the status of your quiz by returning to the Training Center. All quizzes are read by any DHoS. (Deputy Head of Security)

  • Security in Progress - This rank also is not a part of the Pablo’s staff team. To become an official Security Team member we will test the applicants skills, abilities, and different traits to see if they can uphold the most consequential job in Pablo’s through their Final Test. Final Tests are hosted by our Security Captains daily and can last between 30 minutes to an hour depending on the applicants performance. Final Tests are conducted in the restaurant, not the Training Center. They can attend as many Final Tests as they need to pass. Sadly, not all Final Tests roll out the way we want them to and without some disturbance, in the restaurant, we can’t test you on your skill and ability therefore that Final Test could get cancelled. Whilst taking their Final Test the applicant may never go downstairs for whatever reason, the only time they may go downstairs is if they’re told to do so by the DHoS (Deputy Head of Security) or by the HoS (Head of Security) through the back entrance only.

  • Security Team - This rank is a part of the Pablo’s staff team. This rank will be given to all newly passed Security in Progress applicants once having passed their Quiz and Final Test. This rank will have inexperienced Security members who need to be given help, if needed, at the restaurant. Anyone going on vacation for more than 1 month should let a Security Captain know or else we can’t guarantee your rank when you return. Anyone on this rank is allowed to go downstairs.

  • Special Security Team - This rank is a part of the Pablo’s staff team. Not only will this rank include active members, but members with much more experience, knowledge, and perspicacity when dealing with Customers. Their role is to perform the usual responsibilities of a Security member but to manage the restaurant in a proficient manner on behalf of the Head of Security. Anyone a part of this rank is allowed to go downstairs, by using the back entrance only. Members in this rank may also go upstairs. Anyone going on vacation or becomes sick has to let a Security Captain know by submitting a message in our channel #inactivity-logs.

This channel will unlock when you get to this point. Instructions are given there

  • Security Captain - This rank is a part of the Pablo’s staff team. This rank has been chosen out of all the Special Security Team members for their skill within their Security Unit and their aptitude to lead their team. A maximum of 15 SC’s. (Security Captain) They are considered a Supervisor in the main group. More information will be given when you reach this rank.

  • Deputy Head of Security - This rank is a part of the Pablo’s staff team. They are considered an Executive in the main group. There is a maximum of 4 Deputies. All other information will remain classified.

  • Head of Security - This rank is more than just a part of the Pablo’s staff team. xMugs is an official Board member in the main group. All other information will remain classified.


Leadership is a vital aspect within any occupation, and Security is no exception. The most effective leaders across a wide variety of spectra achieve success within this branch by having effective communication skills, responsibility, being goal-oriented and having confidence in yourself and your skills.
You must have a sense of accountability, in other words, all security members must take responsibility for the team’s actions and their consequences. Through your willingness to take responsibility, you are proving that you are worthy of trust and respect. Knowing how to handle any situations that may arise during the carrying out of your duties is imperative as it shows that you are confident in your abilities to adapt to any situation. Although certain situations may have many solutions to the problem, all security members have to follow protocol and should not try to alleviate issues using non-traditional methods.

Leadership within security also includes that you, yourself be a leader as well. In other words, learn to lead by example. If you expect your team to be hard workers, then you should be a hard worker as well. When you practice what you preach, you not only earn the respect of your team, but their loyalty. Before long, you will notice that they will be following the example you set for them. Effective leadership builds people up and creates a stronger team, which benefits all who are involved. This exemplifies the teams strengths and weaknesses as a whole and individually. In order to combat against any weakness found within the security team, communication is vital. Communication can be used to build relationships among your colleagues and by building a good inter-team relationship. In return, this creates a greater level of productivity.

One principal of communication, which is also vital towards leadership in Pablo’s Security, is not only expressing what you need or want to happen, but actively listening to your colleagues with an open mind about what the team can improve on as a whole or individually.


All members/trainees of Pablo’s Security Team must follow all rules stated here.


  • Lvl.1 - Warning
    • Issued by a DUC+ (Deputy Unit Commander)
    • A second violation at Lvl.1 = Lvl.2 consequence
  • Lvl.2 - Suspension/Demotion
    • Suspensions are issued by a DUC+
    • Demotions are issued by a UC+ (Unit Commander)
    • A second violation at Lvl.2 = Lvl.3 consequence
  • Lvl.3 - Firing/Blacklist
    • Issued by a DHoS+ (Deputy Head of Security)

Note: All levels are the minimum action. More severe consequences can be given out if deemed necessary by the Security HR’s.

Another note: If a person feels they were wrongfully given a Lvl.2+ consequence they may DM a DHoS their case. If they aren’t pleased after speaking to a DHoS they may then contact the HoS.

  1. They must inform an SC+ if they change their username. [Lvl. 1]
  2. They must use grammar at all times. This includes punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. [Lvl. 1]
  3. Security Team+ members cannot dine unless it’s a special occasion such as a Staff Dining event that is approved for all staff. [Lvl. 1]
  4. Do not hint at promotions. This can lower your chances of promotion and even lead to consequences. [Lvl. 2]
  5. They must go AFK only in the leaderboard room facing the wall. [Lvl. 2]
  6. They can only go downstairs to VIP using the back staircase located in the Kitchen. [Lvl. 2]
  7. Do not allow disagreements to erupt into a heated argument. Settle it quickly, contact an HR, or leave it be. It’s not worth it to argue about everything. [Lvl. 2]
  8. Do not use your position to help your friends. Bias will not help you or your friend. [Lvl.2]
  9. Be professional at all times. This includes being respectful, appropriate, and overall think before doing. Rude and disruptive behaviour is unacceptable and will be dealt with sternly. This includes not only the restaurant, but any event Pablo’s as a group attends. [Lvl. 2]
  10. Submitting false information to HR members will result in consequences. [Lvl. 2]
  11. Do not make the grave mistake of cuff abusing. Anyone caught cuff abusing will be swiftly removed from the Security Team. [Lvl. 3]

Appealing a Blacklist

The process to appeal a Security Team Blacklist is as follows.

  1. They first must’ve been blacklisted for 5-11 months. The exact time is unique on a case by case basis and is approved by the HoS. (Head of Security)
  2. Once approved, they’ll take an interview to prove they’ve changed and are worthy to rejoin the Security Team.
  3. If their interview is approved, a process will be completed. Further details will be given if they reach this step.

Pablo's Security Unit

Awaiting Unit Placement - Security members who reach SST will automatically receive this role. It is vital that SST’s are given this role so that UC’s (Unit Commanders) are alarmed that there are new recruits available to join their Units. A tryout would be announced, for AUP’s (Awaiting Unit Placement), by a UC (Unit Commander) in the designated channel in the Pablo’s Security discord server.

Unit 1 - Members of Unit 1 would patrol a designated area of the restaurant, shown by the UC’s in their tryout, and will only have full control of the restaurant if no Unit 2 is at the restaurant. If a Unit 2 member arrived, they’d return back to their designated areas.

Unit 2 - Members of Unit 2 would patrol a designated area of the restaurant, shown by the UC’s in their tryout, and will only have full control of the restaurant if no Unit 1 is at the restaurant. If a Unit 1 member arrived, they’d return back to their designated areas.

Unit 3 - Unit 3 is currently classified information.

Deputy Unit Commanders - Deputy Unit Commanders assist their Unit Commanders with their duties revolving around their Unit. They’d assist in tryouts and keeping the Unit alive and disciplined. They have permission to host tryouts to recruit fresh flesh into their specific Unit in order to keep their Unit active. More information is given upon obtaining this rank.

Unit Commanders - Unit Commanders are responsible for keeping check of their Unit’s activity and standards. UC’s are to report back to DHoS’s regarding their Unit throughout each month. If the DHoS’s are not satisfied with the performance of the Unit Commander and see one of their Deputy Unit Commander hard at work, the UC will be dealt with immediately. More information is given upon obtaining this rank.

The following definitions are pertinent for the above document and to life in Security

Pablo's Security Team | Pablo's Security Unit
SiP Security in Progress | AUP Awaiting Unit Placement
ST Security Team | U1 Unit 1
SST Special Security Team | U2 Unit 2
SC Security Captain | U3 Unit 3
DHoS Deputy Head of Security | DUC Deputy Unit Commander
HoS Head of Security | UC Unit Commander

Thank you,

Head of Security

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