Pacifi Alliance Handbook


Pacifi is a juice bar located in Florida, serving a range of juices!

Thank you for showing your interest in affiliating with Pacifi, please do be aware we do have some requirements for everyone to meet, expectations may be made by our team, for further information on expectations, please open a support ticket!

  • 80+ ROBLOX members (non-botted)
  • Active community
  • Must speak regularly with our team!
  • Must not sell ranks of any sorts!
  • We only accept the following of group(s); Cafe(s), Restaurant(s), Juice Bar(s) & Hotel(s), we do not affiliate with Schools!
  • Must be able to provide two representatives!
  • Group Name
  • Group Link+Social Links
  • Username of your Two representatives
  • Why would you like to affiliate with us?
  • How can we benefit your group?
  • How can you benefit our group?

Upon applying, please be aware it’ll take anything from a day or two to hear back!

Created by the Pacifi Ownership Team!