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Welcome to Pacifi!

About us:
Pacifi is a tropical Juice Bar set in Gibraltar that produces the freshest juices for our customers. We dedicate our time to providing our customers with an unforgettable experience unlike no other. We offer you a variety of different juices to choose from and give you the opportunity to interact with others and make friends! This handbook has been made to inform the community of how-to & general information on the group. Click on a section below and find our more!

:pineapple: Pacifi - ROBLOX


Alliance Guide

Looking to affiliate with Pacifi? You’re at the right place! Pacifi is always interested in forming affiliations with other groups, and we would be more than happy to form an alliance with your group. However, we have some requirements set for anyone who is aspiring to form an affiliation with us. These requirements will be stated below.


  1. Must have 20+ group members.
  2. Must send over 2 representatives.
  3. Must have a good reputation in the industry.
  4. Must be willing to actively communicate with us, and willing to collaborate with us.
  5. Your group must be organised.

If your group meets these requirements, please join the Communications Server and DM a member of the Public Relations department. You will be given the Alliance Application for you to fill out. Our Public Relations team regularly reviews applications in the span of 24-48 hours.


  1. What is your ROBLOX group link?
  2. What is your Discord link?
  3. If your application is accepted, who will be representing for your group?
  4. Can you tell us a bit about your group?
  5. Why would you like to affiliate with Pacifi?
  6. How can this alliance be beneficial in the future?
  7. Are you willing to actively communicate and collaborate with our Public Relations department?
Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is the basic rules that must be followed in our ingame facilities, no matter what. This is a list of general rules that should be followed regularly and is common sense. Ensure that whenever you are within our premises you follow these rules in order to not receive a consequence from a Staff Member.

1. Respect

You must respect everyone at all times no matter what, this goes into the discrimination category. We will not tolerate ANYTHING of these kinds and you will be dealt with by an ingame Moderator if you do so.

2. Exploiting

If you are caught using exploits, you will be permanently banned from our facilities. We will not tolerate exploiting as this is in violation of Roblox ToS.

3. Spamming

Spamming is another violation of Roblox ToS and we do not tolerate anyone breaking Roblox rules. You will not be dealt with lightly, spamming is absolutely prohibited.

4. Professionalism

If you are a Staff Member, you must maintain professionalism, especially if you are trying to work up to a Middle Rank. If you are not professional, you will not be recommended, and you will severely decrease your promotion chances. Grammar is only required if you are a Shift Leader working up to Kitchen Assistant, otherwise it is not obligatory.

This concludes the Code of Conduct. Ensure you abide by these whilst in our facilities at all times to avoid potential consequences.
Rank Information


A member and supporter of the group, cannot work yet. Must take an application to become a Trainee.

Past Generation

This role is obtainable from being a former High Rank at Pacifi and resigning.

Allied Representative

This role is obtained from representing one of our alliances.


The first obtainable rank, you can become a Trainee through passing an application at the Application Portal.

Junior Juicer

This is the first role that is obtainable from trainings. Your job is to work at the Juice Bar and prepare people’s juices.

Intermediate Juicer

This is the second role that is obtainable from trainings, your responsibilities are the same as any LR rank.

Experienced Juicer

This is the third role that is obtainable from trainings, you have the same responsibilities as an Intermediate Juicer, just a higher rank.

Shift Leader

This is the highest role that you can obtain from trainings, and you are able to work up to a Middle Rank if you are dedicated. It is the highest Low Rank.

Kitchen Assistant

This is the first Middle Rank, your job as a Middle Rank is to train trainees and supervise at the restaurant.


This is the second Middle Rank, your responsibilities as a Supervisor are the same as a Kitchen Assistant.

Assistant Manager

This is the third Middle Rank, the added responsibility to this rank is you are able to host trainings.


As a Coordinator, you’re given the ability to recommend Low Ranks, and supervise at training sessions.

Board of Executives

This is the first High Rank. You are able to promote any Middle Rank/Low Rank and recommend Assistant Managers for Coordinator.

Executive Officer

Having the Executive Officer rank means that you are the Co Lead of your assigned department (Staffing/Relations).

Executive Director

Having this rank means that you are the leader of your department and can choose High Ranks for your department, as well as promote them.

Vice President

This is the first Senior Rank, you are able to promote High Ranks and Middle Ranks, and you have a lot more administrator powers.


This is the highest obtainable rank in Pacifi. You are able to promote Executive Directors, as well as all ranks below you.

Co Owner

This rank means that you are technically a founder and oversee the group.


This is the owner/manager of the group. Unobtainable role.



The placeholder of the group. The account is operated and managed by the owner.

Staff Information

Looking to become a Staff Member here at Pacifi? Here’s some crucial information you may want in your journey.

Recipe Book

Currently, we do not have an accessible Recipe Guide as our Juice Bar is not out yet. This will be updated as soon as we have a Juice Bar. Thank you for understanding!

Applying at Pacifi

As a customer, you are able to apply as a Trainee at Pacifi! All you have to do is simply go to the group games section and click on the ‘‘Application Portal’’ game. Upon joining, you will be greeted by a series of questions that the majority must be answered correctly in order to become a Trainee at Pacifi. Once you have completed this step, you’re halfway through your step into becoming a Low Rank here. A reminder that you may retake your application at any time if you fail, so don’t be disheartened if you fail it!

Attending a Training Session

Now you are an official Trainee, amazing work! This means you are able to attend a training session to advance to your next rank. When you are a Trainee, you will have to go through a training session that is hosted by our Staff Team. At one of the scheduled training times, you will have to join the Training Center. You can find our Training Center in the “group games” section. Upon joining the game, you must take a seat and follow the instructions of the hosts and trainers.

Keep these in mind while at the Training Center:

  1. Grammar is not mandatory.
  2. You must always listen to the Trainer/Host.
  3. Our rules still apply in the Training Center.
  4. You must always be mindful of what you say to anyone.

After passing the training, you are now a staff member! Congratulations!

Staff Directory

We expect that all staff members abide by the rules and expectations that we have set. To this, it is important that every staff member is professional in their actions, as this will strongly contribute to their success in Pacifi. This means that you:

  1. Do not hint at promotion in any situation.
  2. Be respectful to customers and peers.
  3. Use grammar if working up to Middle Rank.
  4. Abide by the Roblox Community Standards.
  5. Dedicate your time if you want a promotion.

This is all for the Staff Information section. These guidelines will set you a successful future here at Pacifi! Good luck!

Promotion Guide

If you are looking to be promoted to a Middle Rank here at Pacifi, there are a set of expectations you must abide by. These will be below.


If you are trying for Middle Rank, grammar is recommended as we are mainly looking for individuals who are capable of using grammar at all times. If you’re not trying for Middle Rank, using grammar is not obligatory.


Ensure that you are professional at the Juice Bar at all times, it is a good way to be recommended and noticed.


Always make sure that you’re being polite to other individuals around you, this is another large factor that will get you noticed.


We do not hire Middle Ranks that are under the age of 13, as you are expected to be in the Communications Server if you are looking to become a Middle Rank.

These expectations will guide you to your success and your journey here at Pacifi and it is advised you follow them in order to become a Middle Rank.

Session Schedule

Currently, our Training Center isn’t public, meaning we do not have the capability to host sessions. However, when we get our Training Center ready to use, these will be the scheduled times for trainings:

6 PM EST / 11 PM BST

Extra Links

:coconut: Pacifi Juice Bar - Coming Soon

:clipboard: Pacifi Application Portal

:bowl_with_spoon: Pacifi Training Center

Thank you for visiting our handbook! We hope that all information provided has been of use to you. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask an executive member.

Last Updated: 23/04/23

Pacifi Leadership