Package is forced to be in "Changed" state if AnimationId starts by 0 after "rbxassetid://"


My package kept changing into “Changed” state even when published / undo’ed changes because of having an animation which AnimationId property started with 0 after “rbxassetid://”.

This bug started happening few days ago (around 18th June). No errors displayed.

As you may see on the video - first when I change the animationid, it does not detect change at all. I have to change something else and then change the animationid.


Hi DevKurka,

Thanks for reporting this issue, we will take a look.


Seems it’s not visible on video, but when my mouse is refreshing I’m trying to undo / update package, which as seen “updates” it and changes to “changed” state after that.

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Same problem here (animation id start with “0”), thanks for pointing that out!