Package "Rusty & Copper's" Included Items Are Incorrectly Named Stacked Raptor

There’s a new bundle on the catalog called Rusty & Copper. The link also contains the words Rusty and Copper.

However, it’s included items, excluding the Rthro animations, all begin with “Stacked Raptor.” This involves the Left Arm, Left Leg, Right Arm, Right Leg, Torso, Head, Hair, Hat, and Tail.

This even confusingly includes the package itself, see the screenshot below. It displays as Stacked Raptor in some instances and as Rusty & Copper in others. What’s up with that?

The links of the included items are also incorrectly named. See the pictures and links below.

This bug happens whenever you view either the bundle or its included items (excluding the Rthro animations.) It started happening since the bundle was created.


Reproduction: Visit this link:

Or visit its included items:

Links here

This could also be the other way around, perhaps the correct term would be Stacked Raptor. Either way, there’s still an inconsistency.