Packages Beta Release!


I can relate, floating point errors often cause me to not be able to use packages.


Which engine is that? Unreal / Unity / CryEngine?


Unreal Engine 4.


I’ve noticed that when the online model is created while in a group place, it’s actually placed under the creator of the package’s inventory rather than the group’s. I don’t own the group, I’m a developer. Is this intentional? It’s a bit odd to have it in my inventory rather than the group’s inventory.


For this to be useful for me, I want to be able to override any given parameter on an instance of a package and have that override stick when updating to the latest. A couple of use cases I can imagine would be -
Placing a variety of objects, same package but different size and color, throughout a level.
Creating UI widget packages that would let me reskin my entire GUI at once by changing font, borders, transparency, backing images, etc. without overriding the Udims, text, or button images on the instances.


This is awesome! Also having version history readily available will make reverting updates easier!

One major problem i had with linksource was the unability to revert changes (if they’re game breaking for example), packages can easily be reverted, which is amazing!


yeah publishing packages as group assets while working on group games would be great.


Yes, we believe this is to be a core tenant of Packages. We are exploring the next 2 stages of Packages right now. We are hoping this is something we can get into one of them.


gotta say I’m surprised you guys chose to call them packages it might cause some issues when looking for documentation because “packages” are also used for preset clothing combos in the catalog… Whatever I’m sure google will show both lol


That’s probably because those clothing combos are being renamed to bundles, if they haven’t completely been renamed already. In most visible places, “package” now refers to what was posted in the OP and bundle refers to sets that give your character more aesthetic appearance. I think this naming scheme makes more sense. Clothing bundle versus asset package or clothing package versus asset bundle. I prefer the former.


Asset Bundle would work great too!
But yeah, I agree.

Packages referring to a group of assets instead of clothing makes more sense in my opinion.


I’m sure this has already been mentioned, but it would be tremendously more useful if we could save games without having to update the package – would let you make updates and test them before updating to servers by just coding in an identical development place. I know that’s probably just a bit of laziness on my part, as I could just copy/paste, but it’d make it more convenient for everyone.


You can do this by deleting the PackageLink currently.

It’s a hacky solution, but it works.


Are there any solutions in the pipeline for combating floating point errors triggering new package versions? It’d be immensely helpful to have the ability to overwrite an inserted package that has detected a change with its current saved version, allowing us to effectively overwrite floating point errors. Until a change like this comes, packages are a gigantic pain in the neck to use because moving them around triggers all these new versions that you then have to fix manually.


This is brilliant. I love the idea of being able to “synchronize” a group of models, or a group of scripts, so that we only have to edit it once! This is definitely going to be a useful feature!


Yes. We are trying to address that issue separately, but your request is being addressed as well.


Awesome! Any timetable yet?


Working out technical details and complexities. I’ll be able to update you within the next week.


Really awesome stuff looks really good,


Once this exists - we will switch over from InsertService! Currently this is the dealbreaker since Swordburst 2 has 12 sub-places :upside_down_face: