Packages hang when mass updating across universes

This here bug report is designed to address the issue of packages causing studio to hang when mass updating across multi-place universes. It may be because I am the only human being to ever use this feature legitimately, or it may be because my studio places are huge files, but this package update page has been sitting at 5% for a very long time now. The last time I did this and left it overnight. When I came back in the morning, studio was hanging and my internet went out… let’s hope that was unrelated. Here’s the screen I’m looking at:

Just thought I’d make a bug report because this is mucho annoyingo. A fix for this would make my life a lot easier, so thank you!

Edit: Almost forgot link to the game: [Subaru Kits!]Midnight Racing: Tokyo DEMO - Roblox

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Is that a team create game? Recently we found the package mass update is broken for the team create game, and just checked in a fix. It is currently being tested now. So far, for the published game, it should work fine. Sorry about that:-)

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It’s actually a group game, but I believe they’re treated the same way by Studio. Good to hear though, thanks!

This is still an issue for me; after updating my packageLinks to be group-owned instead of player-owned, it’s still occurring but the hang happens at 40% instead of 5%. This would be an amazing feature if it worked properly! Also, for some reason studio disconnects when pasting / auto updating large packages into studio? I can’t access 3 of my maps in studio due to the fact that an auto-update package hangs studio when it tries to update after I join the studio server.