Packer Plugin! Easily pack objects into a folder before publishing models!

This is a plugin that lets you easily put all of your objects into a folder that lets users of your model ungroup to where it says to. This is a really simple plugin and might save some time.
Here is how to use:

Select all of the objects you want to publish

Then just press “Pack”

It will then create a folder in workspace named “My Project #1
It also automatically creates a README file where you can put information about your model.
Then just right click on the folder and publish!
It is a very simple plugin and there might be some bugs.
Link: Packer - Roblox
I know that this does not really save much time but I was bored.
That’s it! Let me know any suggestions!


You did not link the plugin for people to download. Seems cool though.

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You could add a Pack / Unpack feature where it automatically unpacks stuff to the correct places so manual work isn’t needed.


Wow! This is amazing!

Theres no download :expressionless:

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Oops I forgot to add the link. I edited it and it is there now.

Thank you for saving 2 minutes of my time

Im glad someone made it

Thanks to @RuizuKun_Dev for the suggestion! I updated it so there is an Unpack feature now too! You now just need to select a folder and press “Unpack” and it will automatically put the objects where they need to be!