Paid Access games only let players who bought it comment

If someone hasn’t bought Paid Access to your Paid Access game they shouldn’t be able to comment. I haven’t seen one constructive comment or question from non paid buyers.

People who do buy will obviously voice their opinion down there if they don’t like the game, so I think it would be a good idea to help cut down on ‘omg paid access? This is what we get for having our tix removed’ or even worse the players who never bought the game and pretend to review it negatively


Examples of legitimate comments:

  • Is the price going to lower?
  • When is this game going to be free?
  • Do we get any free stuff in-game for buying paid access?
  • [to people that bought access] Before I go buying access to this game, is it worth it??

I feel there could be better solutions (spam filters) than to censor people who have legitimate comments about a game…
An idea I have is that they should have two separate comment sections. One for reviews of the game, and another for comments on the game. The review section would be shown by default, and it would be displayed like it would on an app store or on Steam.


If you can find me examples of these comments on paid access games then you have a valid point.

All the info should be in the description reguardless.

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Please allow this. Too many people have ended up on my banlist for spouting bull about a game they never played. Petty perhaps, but you wont be playing my game when it’s public if you never played it and said you did and it was terrible.

The better way of doing this is probably to provide a tick next to users who own it. To prove they’ve actually played. Like some kind of green check mark or dollar sign. Not sure. This goes for any product really.

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Personally, I don’t think that would be a better way. I wouldn’t want someone to be able to comment even if they don’t own it. If you think about it, someone would rather understand a body of text (the comment) and accept it than to look at an icon and logically think “Hey, this person doesn’t own it so whatever he says doesn’t matter.” Plus, we already give tick marks next to people who own an item.

At least that’s what my take on that is.

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I would personally like sitewide “Only show comments from owners/players/users of the asset”, “Only show comments from accounts older than” and per-asset “Comments enabled: ArbitraryBuildersClub-only” settings.
Having the asset-owner restriction be per-asset might end up looking bad on your game compared to other games that do let anyone comment. So instead, I’d let users comment their trash regardless, to then let the other users decide for themselves whether or not they want to hide said trash.

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This all ties into the fact that comment sections on ROBLOX are, in and of themselves, almost entirely useless at the moment.

They’re overridden with spam, phishing sites, and just general unhelpfulness. Not only do filters need to be improved, but the comments system itself needs to be revamped.

We’re in 2016 and ROBLOX still uses the most basic format for commenting possible rather than the great formats that’ve been presented over the years in the form of reddit, imgur, etc.



I’m pretty sure they’re aware of their awful commenting system and are actively trying to improve it (replacing it?) I’ve seen Reese talk about it before, and because of that I find it unlikely that they would start implementing quick patches such as this when it’s going to be replaced anyway. I could be wrong though and they don’t intend to improve it at all.