Paid Access minimum 1 Robux

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to detect and prevent a bot attack on my game before it’s too late and it’s taken into review as well the possibility of being disliked by these bots throwing the ratio off majorly. This is currently a major issue going on in roblox due to game owners being threatened and then being forced under review because of being botted.

I would like to suggest the lowest paid access fee to be 1 Robux to prevent this as well as giving the users to play without taking a hit to their robux amount. Below I’ve posted a photo of a game by @MisterRoadgeek on Discord.

There has been user made attempts to prevent this, such as Place botting explanation & ways to combat it - #18 by lysandr but this is not a full stop as the bot has played the game and is able to dislike it. Dropping the fee to 1 Robux will not give the Developer any return in terms of sales, but will allow a block to their game being botted due to most bot accounts having no robux.
There are many alternatives that roblox can make to combat this, but for a interim solution this can work for developers that wish to keep their game ‘free’ and allow a major safe buffer for being dislike botted.


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