Paid Access no longer works

Players who haven’t bought the game are currently able to play it freely:


Most accounts are able to play the game which is usually 400 R$. Sometimes refreshing is required or switching to another account.


As this is not supported by the game, players will be able to make purchases and will get locked out of the game and their purchase once access is fixed.

As such, this is urgent and a fix ASAP would be greatly appreciated.

Another game affected: Rogue Lineage - Roblox


My game is also experiencing this issue. A lot of players have reported being able to join on their alt without having to purchase the game.

This really sucks because we were planning on adding purchase-only rewards to our playerbase once our game eventually went free to reward those who purchased the game previously.

This IMO is very urgent like OP said and should be fixed immediately.


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@Arch_Mage Our team has resolved this issue, the affected service should be recovering shortly.


Can I have an estimate on how long this occurred?

I would like to rollback my datastores to a point where free rewards weren’t being given to new players who hadn’t purchased the game.

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