Paid access PC-only configured game is viewable (with a play button) on Xbox

Apocalypse Rising 2 is a paid access game. The place is configured to be only playable on PC. However, for about a year or longer, it seems that players can search and view the game’s page on Xbox. The game’s page even has a Play button, but the game cannot be loaded.

Game link: Apocalypse Rising 2 [Alpha] - Roblox

Configure settings:

@LMH_Hutch recorded two short videos demonstrating that the game can be searched, and that a Play button is present. The account he used has not purchased access to the game.

Video demonstrations:

This is a serious problem because since our users can see this game on Xbox, they are lead to believe that the game will function on Xbox. Since you cannot buy access to the game through the Xbox app, some users go out of their way to navigate to the website on a PC, and purchase access to the game. Then, they return to the Xbox app only to find that they still cannot play the game.

Since we have configured this game to be PC only, it should not be viewable on Xbox at all. There is nothing more we can do as developers, because the configure access setting is our only way to control which devices should be able to see the game.


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


What is the message to the user when they click to play it in XBox?


It’s an error message saying that it can’t be loaded


Is there currently any changes being made due to this situation? People on Xbox has no way at all to purchase a experience or know that the experience is closed/not for Xbox if they don’t know about and the erroring can be confusing. Xbox does not hide the Join button when a experience is paid or closed and therefore you are just gonna get a error unless the user owns or has paid the game.

For example, this game is a paid and I don’t have it, but I have the ability to see the Join button, which will return me a 103 error like seen above, which also occurs on other games that are closed for Xbox.


Hello! Does this bug occur anymore for any of you, now?

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I tested it especially for you and yes unfortunately this problem is still there.