[PAID] Need realistic fire effect!

I want a realistic fire effect, such as the ones found in the video above.
I am willing to pay a fair price if you can deliver me particle effect like the one in the movie.
If you can make it, show me earlier works (so I know your not bluffing) and we can discuss price.

In short:
Payment after I get the item
The item can NOT be shared with anyone else
I pay the roblox tax

Questions and applications down below, thanks :slight_smile:

how many emitters?

3-4 tops?
The less the better.

Something like this?

Uses four emitters


Yes indeed!
How does it look on a bigger plane?
How many particles per second does it spawn?
And how much you want for it?

I worked on some as well

Also this free modeled one is amazing

Thanks but I’m afraid x_o beat you too it :stuck_out_tongue:

Deal is done, the case is closed.

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