Paint net outline not working

I’m trying to create 3D text in paint net, (no, I don’t want it anywhere else) but the outline plugin doesn’t seem to be working. When I set it to any size, it won’t work.

The outline plugin is by pyrochild.


I also tried to select the text and do it, but it still didn’t work?
I don’t understand what is wrong.

Could anyone help me out with a solution or a workaround? Thanks!

I’m not sure if this will help achieve the desired effect, but I’ll explain my process to create an outline, step-by-step.

Background Image:

  • Make sure that this in on its’ own separate layer.

New Layer: Outline

  • This layer should be the color you want the outline to be.

Duplicate the layer. Then change it to the color you want the actual text to be. In this case, I am using black text with a red outline.

Next, select the layer that will become the outline. This should be the lowest layer besides the background.

Go to the Effects tab at the top, Blurs, Gaussian Blur.

Set the value to 7 and then press Ok.

Next, duplicate the outline layer until it is the necessary thickness.

When you are at the desired thickness, press Ctrl+Shift+F to flatten the image. This compresses all of the layers into the background, and can now be saved as the usual file formats.

My final product:

Again, I’m not sure if this will help achieve the desired effect, but perhaps you could play around with this method.

I’m trying to make 3D text, using the plugin I mentioned above, do you know how I would accomplish that? Thanks!

I read up on the plugin on the PDN Forums, It states that the area around the text needs to be transparent. I don’t currently have the plugin to be able to test it myself, but could you give that a shot?

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